Topaz Birthstone Gem Lamp Floaty Clicky

Topaz Birthstone Gem Lamp floaty clicky is happening now on Ganz Parent Club!



The Topaz Birthstone Gem Lamp Floaty Clicky event has been extended until Wednesday November 20th at 11:59:59 PM EST.

We have another birthstone gem lamp to add to your collection.  If you don’t have any birthstone gem lamps, there is no harm in starting one today!  You can win the Topaz Birthstone Gem Lamp on Ganz Parent Club, but only if you see it floating around Ganz Parent Club.


How a Floaty Clicky event works is simple, if you see a floating Topaz Birthstone Gem Lamp (shown below) while on Ganz Parent Club, click it for your chance to win!



The Topaz Birthstone Gem Lamp Floaty Clicky starts today, Friday November 8th at 3:30 PM EST, and will end on Wednesday November 20th at 11:59 PM EST. For more information about this event, click here!

31 Responses to Topaz Birthstone Gem Lamp Floaty Clicky

  1. squirtwaffle says:


    • sparklejelly45 says:

      i’ve got all 3 of them and i think that that one is my most fav! … just wondering… who else has all of them? :P ;D

      • BigCatLover says:

        I LOVE the November birthday gem stone lamp! I have it on webkinz,but it is the only one I have. My cat has it,even though her birthday is in December. My birthday is in NOVEMBER though. It is this Wednesday. None of my webkinz have a birthday i November,YET! I only have four webkinz,and do not play webkinz jr. AT ALL! No offense,if you play it. I hope to expand my family of four! On webkinz,my username is vnvn5,no capitals. My animals are:my cat,Smoke,my lion,Leon,my cow,Odis,and my frog,Paddie.

    • Maggiepeachespie says:

      Both my daughters were born in November and this is their birthstone.

  2. Tina24 says:

    My birthday is in November! Got one! :)

  3. cowtown says:

    where o where could this cute little lamp be.

  4. nanodpapad says:

    Thank you Ganz for ALL the cool items you give us for free! ^j^

  5. cheech says:

    yah i have all of them so far

  6. 2215Angel says:

    i want it so much

  7. glitzCCO says:

    my birthday is coming up of course I want it!!!!

  8. nonopuppy123 says:

    I can’t wait till December :D I bet it will look good in my dolphin , Dan’s , room :D

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