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Fundraising for Your School?

Children boarding the bus for back to school

When members of your school community make purchases at the Webkinz online store, 20% of the total purchase price will be donated directly back to your school! Read more

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New Educational Badges


When you see this badge on a mini-game or activity, you’ll know that activity was developed in line with North American curriculum standards. Read more

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10 Best Things About Being a Mom

Why it's so great to have kids

No matter how tired, frustrated or taken for granted we may feel, is there anything that can bring a smile to our face faster than hearing “I love you, mama”? Read more


What Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day

What to get Mom for Mother's day

Here are some suggestions for Mother’s Day gifts that don’t involve little hand prints or homemade presents or cards. They involve Mom getting some time to relax, with or without her family along. Read more


Three Easy Breakfast Recipes for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Recipe

Here are three simple recipes that kids can make for mom with just a little help from Dad. Read more


Make a Mother’s Day Coupon Book

Mother's Day Coupon Book

Even the youngest can give Mom the gift of time! Read more


Printable Easter Egg


Here is a cute Easter Egg Template you can print out for your kids to color! Read more

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Printable Egg Holders


Download and print these adorable egg holders to display your kids’ decorated eggs Read more

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Meet the Hoppy Floppy Bunny


This hoppy floppy friend will make an adorable addition to your child’s family of Webkinz pets! Read more

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Simple No-Yeast Hot Cross Buns

A delicious Easter recipe

Hot cross buns are a staple for the Easter season. Read more

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