DIY Spy Glasses

For an afternoon of make believe

A fun craft for your James Bond in trainingIs your little one full of imagination and a real James Bond in the making? Have a little fun with these do it yourself spy glasses and your child will spend all afternoon digging up clues and watching for bad guys. Made from cardboard egg cartons, this is a great recycling project as well!

Craft Supplies:

  • 2 cardboard eggcups
  • 3 blue pipe cleaners
  • 19 blue pony beads
  • 14 yellow pony beads
  • 14 green pony beads
  • Green and yellow paint
  • Scissors
  • White craft glue
  • Toothpick

Tip: You made need more or less beads than are called for in the instructions, depending on the size of your child’s head.

How to Make It:

  1. Trim the egg carton cups with scissors and cut a hole in the bottom of each one for the eye openings.
  2. Paint the cardboard eggcups green and allow them to dry. Paint yellow stripes around the eggcups and allow them to dry.
  3. Cut a 3-inch piece from one of the pipe cleaners; set the remaining section aside for another project.
  4. Use a toothpick to poke a hole in the side of each eggcup to accommodate the nose piece. Thread one end of the 3-inch pipe cleaner into one of the holes and bend the end inside the cup to hold in place. Thread 5 blue beads onto the pipe cleaner. Poke the open end through the other eggcup and bend to secure.
  5. Use a toothpick to poke a hole on the opposite side of each eggcup to accommodate the arms of the eyeglasses. Insert one end of a pipe cleaner into the hole. This will be long, so pull enough through to allow room at the end to curve around your child’s ear. Twist the pipe cleaner together.
  6. Thread beads onto the pipe cleaner, leaving the ear hook open. Bend the very end of the pipe cleaner to “hide” the pointy end so that it doesn’t cause discomfort. Repeat for the other arm.

6 Responses to DIY Spy Glasses

  1. jjesa says:

    Sounds like a great project to do with the kids this summer!

  2. horse121 says:

    That looks fun!

  3. albert says:

    sounds like fun

  4. snuggles565 says:

    umm…… what does diy mean?

  5. wolf15102 says:

    Me and my younger sis made them with our mom. It was fun :D

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