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Every week we shine a spotlight on some of the Internet's most creative and dynamic parenting bloggers. Find out how they started, how they manage their busy lives, how they build their audience, and how they keep coming up with terrific blog posts day in and day out. All of our featured bloggers will graciously be sharing their favorite posts for Ganz Parent Club readers to enjoy!
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Guest Post: Gluten Free Chocolate Pumpkin Muffins

Freshly baked Gluten free pumpkin chocolate muffins from

I made these Chocolate Mini-Muffins for my daughter to take to school to share with her classmates. I intended to make banana muffins, but didn’t have any ripe bananas. Read more

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Blogger Spotlight:


In some cases parents become well-versed in topics they never thought they’d need – which is the case for this week’s featured blogger, Heather from when in 2005 she was told her her son had Celiac Decease and would need to eat a Gluten free diet. Read more

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Blogger Spotlight: Jenny Melrose

Blogger Spotlight Jenny Melrose Featured

From cupcakes to shower gifts, this mommy, teacher and blogger from the NYMelroseFamily has a lot of ideas to share. Read more

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Guest Post: Ghoulish Gourd Ghosts

Ghost Made with Gourds - TheNYMelroseFamily

Last year was the first year I had seen these Ghost gourds and I immediately scooped them up. The materials for these ghosts are gourds… Read more

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Guest Post: The Secret Language of Twins

Happy twin boys laughing.

One of the twin phenomena I read about in almost every book was idioglossia, also known as twin talk, which is the idea that twins develop a secret language with each other that no one else can understand. Read more


Blogger Spotlight: Stacy Molter

Stacy Molter Blogger Spotlight Feat

We chose to feature Stacy not because she’s and expert “mommy-juggler” but because of her courage to honestly share her real-life experiences in parenting – the good the bad and the ugly! Read more

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Blogger Spotlight: Bear Rabbit Bear Crafts

Melanie East Blogger Spotlight

For the past several months we’ve been enjoying the creative ideas from the blog Bear Rabbit Bear Crafts and featuring them in our playtime BloggerHood. Read more

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Guest Post: Mr. and Mrs. Pumpkin Head

Use Mr. Potato Head pieces to make and decorate a Halloween pumpkin.

What began as an inspired idea turned into an all hands on deck pumpkin decorating event! The end results were a happy dad and kids, and creative fall decoration! Read more


Guest Post: Macaroni and Cheese Recipe Favorite

mac cheese and peas

When creative cook and crafter Amanda Fromoro puts something on the table for dinner, you can guarentee it wont be the usual fare. Read more

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Guest Post: Cinnamon Filled Cupcakes

A guest post for cinnamon roll cupcake recipe.

On a crisp fall day, you can light apple-cinnamon candles, use potpourri or try a tastier option and make a batch of these delicious cupcakes. Read more

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