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Susie Mac is a children’s media enthusiast and blogger based in Toronto, Canada. She has more than seven years experience in the communications field including television, filmmaking and web production, among others. Susie earned her Master’s of Arts in Communication and Culture from York University.
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How to Make Yarn Eggs

A great Keepsake Easter craft

These colorful eggs are super fun for kids to create and make a beautiful seasonal decoration too! Pack them away at the end of the Easter holiday and they will last for years to come. Read more


5 Great Date Night Ideas for Parents

Need a break? Date Ideas for you and your spouse.

You’ve been chasing the kids all day and are bone tired or maybe you’ve had a stressful week at the office. And you haven’t connected with your husband in weeks. What you could use is a Date Night. Read more


Homework Helpers

Helpful tips to help your children succeed with their homework

With the start of the school year, the nightly homework battles begin. Nothing is worse for a parent than to having to beg, plead and yes, even having to yell at their kids to get their homework done – especially after a long day at the office. Read more


Publicly Humiliating Your Teens

Writing lines on a chalkboard as punishment

There have been a slew of news reports about parents who take the concept of tough love to a new level. Read more


Around the World in Parenting Ways

Young French Couple

By now, you’ve probably heard about the French Parenting Model… it’s the latest thing since the Tiger Mom which, by the way, is tres passé. Read more


And the Award Goes To…


It’s that time of year again…. Oscar weekend is upon us in all its glory! And there’s no better time to learn from our favorite celebs about the dos and don’ts of Hollywood parenting… Read more


“I Choo Choo Choose You!”

Valentine Boy and Girl

Helping your kids feel loved in the classroom on Valentine’s Day… and every day! Read more


But I’m Not Tired!

I'm Not Tired!

Bedtime can be a struggle when, no matter how tired they actually are, your kids just won’t admit to it. Read more

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Dollars and Sense

How to start giving your child an allowance

Allowances can be a fantastic way to teach children about money. But at what age do you begin and how much should you give per week? Also what is your child doing to earn the cash? Read more


Tips for Working Moms

Tips for working moms.

For millions of working moms the daily struggle and stress of balancing career and family is enough to bring on premature gray hairs. We thought we could do it all but we constantly feel like we’re burning it on both ends and something’s got to give. Read more

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