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About Elena Bennett

Elena Bennett writes poems, stories, and songs for both children and adults. Raised in New York City and Cape Cod, she received her B.A. in psychology with a focus on Child Development from Connecticut College. She is also an award-winning singer. Her critically acclaimed big band album, A Wrinkle in Swingtime, is available on iTunes and at many stores online.

Presidential Pets

Bo, the President's Dog

Our presidents are known for many things, but children find few of these as captivating as the four-legged residents who’ve joined our nation’s leaders in The White House. Read more


Now You SEEL It!


Using a “lesser” sense, like touch, and forcing ourselves to envision what it is we feel, stimulates multiple areas in our brains at the same time, and “builds bridges” between them. Read more


The Content of One’s Character

Martin Luther King Jr.

A Martin Luther King Jr. activity aimed at teaching kids invaluable lessons about compassion, understanding, open-mindedness, fairness, and, always, hope and love. Read more


Grati-Totes for Your Family

A family craft to decorate tote bags

How best to carry over the gratitude one feels this holiday season into the New Year? Why literally, of course! Read more


“To Do and TA-DA” Chore List for Kids

Make a chore chart with photos

Photo essays are great fun and digital cameras make them easy enough for kids too. Why not encourage your young shutter bugs to record their achievements at home? Read more


Eat a Rainbow

Kids can eat a rainbow for good health.

Fightin’ Phytos make great allies in the quest for good health, and healthy eating habits learned and practiced in childhood are likely to be continued throughout adulthood, but how can you get finicky kids to swallow all of this? Read more


“EXTRAcise Me”


An EXTRAcise can be anything that briefly gets you going, anytime and anyplace, throughout your day – simple (and sometimes seemingly silly) activities that are easy to work in whenever you have a minute or five. Read more