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Kit Bennett is a celebration and play expert who believes that sprinkles, pom-poms, pipe cleaners and wiggle eyes make the world a brighter place. She’s the founder of and KidsParties 1-2-3 where she makes planning a party for kids as easy as 1,2,3! Her inspiration comes from her four children, two granddaughters and several nieces and nephews whom she loves BIG, BIG, BIG!
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Fall Leaf Painting Craft

leaf painting craft

There are many art projects to enjoy using fall leaves, but when leaves dry up…so does your craft. This project preserves the colors of fall well after the leaves have been raked and taken away. Read more


Not Too Proud To Play


I’ve taken a fair dose of harassment for playing Webkinz but I have six very convincing reasons why it’s okay for adults to play Webkinz… Read more


Family Christmas Games

Games to Play on Christmas

In a blink of Santa’s twinkling eye, Christmas day is over! Why not shake things up by playing a few games to get Grandma singing, Uncle Joe sucking marshmallows and everyone laughing! Read more


Family Christmas Games: More Holiday Fun

Christmas Tree Game Feature

Now that the stocking are empty and the gifts open, its time to get everyone laughing, singing and making warm family memories. Read more


Snow Covered Candle Holders

How to use epsom salt to make a lovely candle holder.

When I realized there was ZERO snow in our forecast, I needed something wintry and white…NOW! Read more


Make a Beaded Pen

Decorate a pen with beads.

Schoolwork can some time be a drudge, but it’s more fun when you’re studying in style! Decorate a pen or pencil using craft wire and beads. Read more


Apple Recipes Kids Love

Autumn Apple recipes kids can make

Baked, sliced, in a pie, covered in caramel, freshly picked, no matter how you enjoy your apples this is the peak season for everyone’s favorite fall fruit! Read more


Broken Down Bunnies: An Easter Makeover

Easter table decoration

A few bunnies without tails, outdated egg lights, and a few dingy baskets (one with last years sticky jelly bean) is what I found…so this year I’m giving my Easter celebration a makeover. Read more


Do You Spring Clean?

spring cleaning tips

I’ve never hopped on board the “Spring Cleaning Train”. Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean my house is a wreck… Read more


Holiday Family Journal

Start a family Christmas journal tradition.

This holiday season you can start a good old-fashioned tradition that will carry on for years to come by making your own Holiday Family Journal, adding special moments, stories and a photo or two for each year. Read more

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