A Look Inside GanzWorld

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What does GanzWorld have to offer you and your family? Watch this video and find out!

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20 Responses to A Look Inside GanzWorld

  1. shannonsmom says:

    This site has something for everyone. GO GANZ!

  2. MARANATHA says:

    I love Ganz…I think I’m now addicted.

    • Cooper says:

      okay CUBGIRL7, i don’t know if this will work for you but after i find hailey once i ..1. go back to the login sight.2. login to my active webkinz world account3. after submitting everything go back to the HOME page of webkinz newz and wait 5seconds after it loads.4. if hailey doesn’t come up i select the LOGIN button (to log into my webkinz newz account) and she sometimes hides there.Hope this works for you. it has helped me all five times.

      • Justine says:

        Yes!! Ganz has some glitches and seitemmos bugs that they NEED to fix, like seitemmos when i’m on Webkinz playing with my pet it will randomly freeze then I have to log out and log back in! And Hailey is very annoying to find, I’ve been searching for almost 2 hours and only found her twice. They have to make this easier or they’re going to lose costumers!

    • bubble says:

      wow Ganz is so cool

  3. grannyannie56 says:

    Ganz World ,Webkinz is soo much fun.I’m new to webkinz, almost a year. before that i didn’t do much with the computer.NOW my older kids laugh,saying I’m addicted to webkinz.I don’t think so, its just sooo much fun, I cant stop.I still haven’t got into half of whats going on in webkinz world, but I keep looking around,and finding more things to do.like I said I’m not good on the computer, I do my best, and try to get the click and wins for me and the grandchildren.Guys and Girls at webkinz. Ganz KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK THANK YOU grannyannie56

  4. Opal says:

    Webkinz iz so cool

  5. gen000 says:

    I did not receive the e-mail to activate the account. What can I do?

  6. tiffany(= says:

    hey guys, this may sound like a silly question but do the accounts on this (webkinznewz) cost money? THANKS SOO MUNCH (=

    • what up says:

      The accounts on webkinzz newz do not cost anymoney.

      • Phyllis says:

        i totally think this is great and all it’s just sooo hard to find the elephant thingy and it really makes me upset when I have her and the internet can not display the web page i mean it’s not like it’s a bad site it’s webkinz for crying out loud. come on people this is a simple webkinz challenge can’t my computer not give me any problems really. Have fun finding Hailey keep on searching

  7. ChrisandChris says:

    I totally agree with you and Country Girl! Her voice is WEIRD! @sydney: I have pleyad Spree and I have even won it took a long time though. emily I think the reason you can’t play is because you need a Adobe Flash Player update! Same thing happened to me. I was using Internet Explorer and I couldn’t play either! Then I switched to Mozilla Firefox and I could play! So try it with a parent’s permission because you have to download Mozilla. Add me on webkinz! My username is kikiworm. I love to make friends.

  8. amanda says:

    do it cost monny ?

    • Dalal says:

      yah, i agree with u so much. why do they have to have so many special things? its so expensive and u don’t even get real stuff, its online! when u r all grown out of webkinz, like my cousin who has over 90 webkinz and doen’t like em anymore-plus, well anyway, whats the point? and, maybe u could play on webkinz or somethin’ while u wait. or u could do homework. or watch tv.or study stuff, hope this helps!

      • Anina says:

        The new exclusives to reapcle the old ones aren’t as good. I’m glad I got the cukoo cat clock before it got retired, because it was just the coolest. I had wanted to get a ying-yang blossom plant, or whatever it’s called, but that doesn’t matter as much becauser there’s one in the clubhouse to admire. I always wanted a mauna loa lamp, but they retired before I could get one, and those plasma balls will never be as pretty. Oh well, it just wasn’t meant to be

  9. amanda says:

    I was worngering the same thing did innyone say it did

  10. emily says: