Amazing World Game Ambassadors: Junior Game Designer Program

Become an Amazing World Game Ambassador!


Do your kids love playing games? Are your kids aspiring game designers?

We’re inviting families to participate in an exciting new opportunity where kids will have a chance to play a brand new children’s game called Amazing World, as part of a unique 6-week program. Kids will get real life experience in game design, and Amazing World prizes!

Together as a family, parents will communicate their children’s messages through online chats and email surveys .

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Details of the 6-week Amazing World Game Ambassador Program for Junior Game Designers (September 25th to November 5th, 2012):

As an Amazing World Game Ambassador family (Game Tester) you will be asked to complete surveys on a weekly basis with your kids. You’ll also be invited to participate in ongoing focus groups (over the web and phone) where your family will have a chance to speak directly with the Amazing World production team.

- Kids will be required to play Amazing World at least 3 to 4 hours per week, in order to provide us information about what they liked and disliked including any technical issues experienced during game play.

- For completing this focus group review, your family will receive **An Amazing World poster, a one (1) year free subscription to Amazing World, as well as 6 brand new Amazing World toys – and of course bragging rights for becoming a junior game designer!

Become an Amazing World Game Ambassador Now!

Submit your request to (include “Amazing World” in the subject line of the email). Read the official ground rules prior to sending your request.

Make sure to “LIKE” and join our official Amazing World Facebook page too!


**Prizes awarded will be based on a 6-week point system.  Participants will earn one (1) point each week for fully participating in the focus group, which will determine prizing and the amount of Amazing World toys you will receive.  1 point = 1 Amazing World toy (figurine or plush) . Participants that earn 6 points for participating the full 6 weeks will receive an Amazing World Poster signed by the game team, a one (1) year free subscription to Amazing World and 6 Amazing World toys.

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About Amazing World:
Amazing World is an exciting online game that’s perfect for children ages 6+. Discover cool quests, hilarious characters, awesome prizes, and unlimited opportunities to let your creativity run wild. Dress you Zing, decorate your home, and play with you friends in Amazing World!

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