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Robyn Welling Featured Blogger from Hollow Tree Ventures

Robyn Welling from Hollow Tree Ventures

In her own words Robyn Welling,  creator of the blog Hollow Tree Ventures,  is not the best mother, wife or individual.

This  honesty is exactly the reason we chose to shine the spotlight on her this week! Because none of us are perfect – parenting is hard – we need reminders that we are human and come with failings. As far as we’re concerned Robyn’s brand of candor and ability to mock herself (and sometimes others) to get through the day is refreshing and a daily dose will do you good!

GPC: What inspired you to start a blogging?

Robyn: I wish I had a really exciting or impressive story about what catapulted me onto the internet, but actually it was completely random. The conversation at my house went something like this:

Me: I think I’m going to start a blog!

My husband: What’s a blog?

Me: I have no idea.

True story. I had no plan, no vision, no clue. I still don’t, but it turned out to be really rewarding anyway, which was a nice surprise.


GPC: Have you always been this witty, or is it that you are a little punch drunk from parental sleep deprivation?

Robyn:  It’s hard for me to say; I was a total dork in school (yes, I said “was” – AHEM) and I’ve probably always used humor to some extent to navigate through the seas of cool kids and mean kids. But my friends and family are all hilarious, so I’ve certainly never been the “funny one” of the group. I still don’t really know if I’m being funny until someone laughs, and usually the someones who are around to listen to me these days are too prepubescent to get my jokes. I think the sleep deprivation definitely helps, though. Or maybe it just helps me not care when they don’t laugh.


GPC: Have you become friends with any of your blog followers?

Robyn:  Yes! There are some really incredible people out in the blogosphere, and (probably unbeknownst to them) I do consider many of them friends. I’m kind of a homebody (shocking, I know), so being able to get to know people through conversations we have on Facebook, Twitter, and in the comments section on my blog has been so much fun for me!


GPC: We notice that you cover several topics on your blog from your own dollhouse soap opera to crafts. Do you have a favorite topic and why?

Robyn:  I wouldn’t say I really have a favorite topic – I get excited to write about anything that strikes me as funny. It can be something that makes me roll my eyes at after-school pick up, some aspect of motherhood I can poke fun at on As The Dollhouse Turns, something certifiably insane my kids said, something ridiculous I did, or a craft I completely screwed up. If it makes me laugh and I think someone might be able to relate, I can’t wait to get to the computer.


GPC: There aren’t that many pet peeves in your pet peeves category. Do you have more that you are afraid to share for fear of looking crabby? If so can you share one here?

Robyn:  I sort of stopped adding to my Pet Peeves page because I started writing whole ranting posts instead, but there are plenty more where those came from! A lot of my peeves are still blog posts waiting to be written, but some are so me-specific that I’m afraid other people wouldn’t really identify with them. (Unless there’s someone else out there whose husband leaves empty cat food cans soaking in the sink? Or whose neighbor burns his flower bed instead of weeding it and almost catches your house on fire? Or whose baby has some weird vendetta against a squirrel statue and devotes some time each day to screaming at it?) But no, I’m never afraid of looking crabby – or weird, apparently – although I probably should be.


GPC: Have you ever embarrassed your kids in public? Tell us about it — please

Robyn:  I tried to get my kids to help me with this one, but they claimed they couldn’t think of anything; they probably assumed it was a trick for me to find a way to embarrass them on purpose. In fairness, I probably would have used the information against them (well played, children). So I reminded them of the time we were playing Super Hero at the playground, a game during which each person chooses super powers (no duplicates, though) and the others have to play along like the powers are real. I got sick of them taking all the good powers like invisibility and freeze ray fingers, so I claimed the power to take back their potty training. Not only did I get to chase them around the park yelling, “POTTY TRAINING REVOKED!” but they also had to stop and pretend to pee their pants every time. Hey, I was just playing by the rules they made up!


GPC: As a busy wife and mother, how do you find the time to blog?

Robyn:  I blog for a few hours in the afternoon while the older kids are at school and the baby’s napping. Other than that, my husband is incredibly supportive and mans the Family Complaint Desk if I need to meet a deadline or if I get all freaked out about needing to write something rightthisverysecond. Which works out well, because if it weren’t for him, the complaint desk would be completely unattended. Just like the stove. And the laundry room.

Thank you Robyn -
You can find Robyn’s “Parent to Kid Translation Dictonary” here .
Follow her blog adventures and popular series “As the Dollhouse Turns” .

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