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With all of the fancy-schmancy bloggers and pinners its easy to feel intimidated to even try our hands at craftiness, but shouldn’t we be creating for the joy of it? Lets all encourage each other to play and create instead comparing.

We found blogger Janette Johanson while NUO (no ugly ornaments) blog hopping. while she is pretty new to the home craft and party decor blog space we really appreciate her dedication and stick-to-it-iveness and thought we’d give her a BIG shout -out! You can find her on her blog The Johanson Journey


GPC: What inspired you to start blogging?

Janette: Originally when I began my blog, it was for picture posting and updates on my son. My parents lived overseas and my husband was deployed to Iraq at the time.


GPC: Do you have a personal favorite blog post and why?

Janette: I have been blogging for about 5 years and in that time, I’ve flopped around on topics and trying to find my niche in the blog world. I love crafting and have never felt up to snuff with the pro’s out there until I got to help throw a baby shower for a friend. I went all out on the shower décor and posted about it on my blog. I have thrown many parties and made several crafts and with each one, I feel like I’m getting better. I feel confident with sharing my ideas and still know there is plenty of room to grow.


GPC: What seems to be your most popular blog post?

Janette: Aside from the crafty admission post, I also find that my zebra canvas frames are a big hit. I was so excited to decorate my daughter’s big girl room and adding some personal touches with canvas’ to match her décor.


GPC: You seem to love Pinterest (so do we!) – how much time day do you spend “pinning”? Really, we won’t judge (much) ;)

Janette: Pinterest is very addicting and I have several boards ranging from great quotes, craft ideas and food that I likely will never get around to cooking. I’d say I pin on average about 7 hours a week (1hr a day). I used to be crazy about it and spent more time there but found that Etsy is my 2nd addiction to hunting and searching for the greatest products. I find that I can build more relationships with the Etsy owners than I can by just pinning the idea.



GPC : Do you ever worry about sharing images and personal photos on Instagram, Pinterest or on your blog?

Janette: For me, the photos I post are part of my Johanson Journey. If I stay true to the reason I started blogging, then I am doing exactly what I set out to do. I want to document and share the journey my family is on. If that means I post a picture of my family or a craft I have made or my favorite collection of gift ideas, I want people to see them. I think most of our online community appreciates people posting pictures and sharing ideas so others can learn and grow as well.


GPC: Silly question…if you were stranded on a deserted island with only three craft supplies (tools are okay too), what would they be?

Janette: Washi tape, modge podge and glitter.
Just think of all the fun ideas you can create if you had some time to yourself! Ha! I could certainly create an SOS that is eye catching for a quick rescue. GPC: So true – LOL!

Read Janette’s blog and check out her the easy and festive holiday placeholders she shared with us. You can make them after taking an acorn collecting walk with the kids!

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