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Are you a blog stalker?

Katie Adams from the CraftyBlogStalker


You’ve likely spent hours upon hours on the “InterWeb”  admiring the fabulous craft,  home decor, and foodie blogs. Well that is what you call, “Blog-Stalking”. The Crafty Blog Stalker is a perfectly witty and honest blog name  for this week’s featured blogger Katie Adams, who searches the Internet for creative ideas and shares her own inspiration as well.

Thank you Katie for graciously taking the time out of your busy  schedule to answer a few questions and share a favorite post

GPC: What inspired you to share your crafts on a blog?

Katie: I have been blogging for close to 4 years. I started with a family blog and was sharing some projects there. I really enjoyed blogging and realized that I wanted to separate my crafty creations from my personal family stuff. Once I established The Crafty BlogStalker blog I really started having fun creating and it gave me a good excuse to craft more!

GPC: Was it a pretty steep learning curve when you first began?

Katie: When I first started blogging I did everything very simplistic and basic. I was even scared to change my background because I wasn’t sure how to do it. But the more I got into it the braver I got. I learned that if I just Googled it I could learn how to do anything to my blog that I wanted. To this day I design everything on my blog.

GPC: What’s your least favorite part of blogging? Feel free to share your favorite aspect too.

Katie: The thing I hate the most is not knowing which of my projects my readers will like or dislike. It can be frustrating when I am very excited about a post/project and I think for sure that my readers are going to loveit. But after posting it doesn’t get any notice. Then on the other hand I will have a post that I won’t put as much time into and it will just be a “filler” post and it will go viral. It can be very confusing.

GPC: What craft supplies do you feel you couldn’t live without?

Katie: Some of my favorite tools include my Scotch Tape Gun, Simply Scored, and two sided scrapbook paper in lots of fun patterns and colors. I have to admit I am a paper crafter at heart.

GPC: What types of posts have proven to be your most popular?

Katie: Generally the simpler, the better. I think my readers like to know that they can make it too and sometimes if there are too many steps it can be daunting.

GPC: Has blogging helped you to be more creative?

Katie: It has definitely helped me be more creative. For starters I constantly have to be thinking about my next post. So everything I look at I try to think if I can do something new with it.

GPC: How do you balance work, family and blog? Please share your advice?

Katie: It isn’t an easy thing. I work a full time job outside of the home and spend between 15-20 hours a week on my blog. I get up at least an hour before I get my kids up for school in the morning and that is when I get a lot of my blogging done. Then based on my family’s calendar I have a couple more nights in the week that I can devote to creating my crafts and writing posts. I have a very supportive husband that fully stands behind me and I love him for it. But I am sure there are days when he doesn’t want to hear me say “honey I can’t do that tonight I have to work on my blog”.

Learn how to make Katie’s adorable turkey placeholders and read more about Katie on her blog.

A cute paper turkey with a candy tummy -GanzParentClub


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