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Featured Blogger Liz Fourez

We came across Liz Fourez- this week’s featured blogger, while looking for inspiration on Pinterest ( we can’t get enough pinning – can you?) To be honest, the first thing that stood out was her incredible handwriting,  but as we dove deeper into her blog Love Grows Wild, it became clear we had to share her inspirational ideas with all of you!  Liz was kind enough to take the time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions for us and share some of her favorite posts. Once you’ve had a chance to check them out I’m sure you want to join us and follow her on Pinterest and Instagram  too!


GPC: What inspired you to start blogging?

Liz: I’ve always been a creative person and love crafts, cooking, and decorating. When I met my husband, I moved from the suburbs of Chicago to a farm house in the middle of a cornfield. We now have 2 cute and crazy little boys, and my day consists of football, super heroes, and tractors. Taking the time to explore my own passions is what keeps me sane, and blogging gives me a way to connect and share that with others. My boys just don’t fully appreciate the beauty of glitter and fabric!


GPC: Was it a pretty steep learning curve to get started or did you catch on quickly?

Liz: I spent probably 72 hours glued to my laptop when I first started my blog. Blog name, platform, design, html… there is just so much to learn! I think I caught on quickly, but I find myself still learning new things everyday!


GPC: Have you become friends with any of your blog followers?

Liz:  Absolutely! The connections with other creative souls like myself is why I started blogging, so I try to reply to every comment and interact with all my followers. Social media is a great way to connect, and I personally love using Instagram to share more “real life” behind the scenes of my blog!


GPC: We notice that you cover several topics on your blog such as crafts, recipes, parties and home decor. Do you have a favorite topic to write about and why?

Liz:  I’d have to say home decor is my favorite. For the past four years we lived in a very old, rental farm house where I was able to do very little decorating, but this past summer we moved to a new home which my husband and I helped renovate, and I’m over-the-moon excited to be able to finally decorate with my style!


GPC: How about a favorite blog post and why – you can provide a link here:

Liz:  My favorite post so far has to be the Lullaby Lyric Pillow I made for my boys. I took the lyrics to their favorite lullaby and wrote them by hand on a pillow cover I made. It’s such a sweet addition to their new room!


GPC: Would you say you are a trend-setter or a trend follower?

Liz:  Both! I definitely have my own style and am never afraid to try something new, but I’m also so inspired by all the amazing creativity and talent from other bloggers, magazines, and television.


GPC: Silly question…if you were stranded on a deserted island with only three craft or design supplies (tools are okay too), what would they be?

Liz:  Only three! I don’t think I could live without Mod Podge, white paint, or burlap!


GPC: As a busy wife and mother, how do you find the time to blog?

Liz:  Time with my family is important, so I try to limit my blog time to before the kiddos are awake and after bedtime, and use naptime as my time to create! It’s hard to balance it all, but the most important thing I’ve come to learn is that if you don’t feel happy and fulfilled, you won’t be the best you can be for your family. You have to take the time for yourself too!

If  after meeting Liz you feel inspired to creative something wonderful — she provided us with fabulous “Rain Gutter Bookshelf” project as a guest post  and stop to read more about Liz on her blog.

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