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From multiples to crafts...she has something to say!

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How does she do it?”
A common question you hear asked about many mothers but in this case…really…seriously…How DOES she do it?

This week we are shining the spotlight on mother of four (including multiples), business owner, blogger, freelance writer and an uber-school volunteer Stacy Molter.

We chose to feature Stacy not because she’s and expert “mommy-juggler” but because of her courage to honestly share her real-life experiences in parenting – the good, the bad, and the ugly! Don’t get us wrong, her blog is not filled with complaints and whining- it’s filled with compassion, vulnerability, creativity, and some solid parenting advice!

Here’s what Stacy had to say…

GPC: What inspired you to blog about your experiences as a parent?

Stacy: I have always been an open book and quickly realized I’m not the only parent looking for answers while learning my way on the journey of parenthood.

Being able to share our experiences raising multiples with other mothers of multiples, and help fellow families of children with food allergies learn to manage their allergies through education and support, has been my inspiration. I hope our real-life stories can connect with other parents on an intimate and personal level to help them along the way as well

GPC: Has your blog or business changed since you started and how?

Stacy: My blog has evolved over the years to fit my every changing lifestyle and to keep a balance between work and family time.

I started blogging in 2008 as a digital scrapbook designer and mom-blogger. As my children grew older and became more active in school and sports, I found it difficult to devote the time needed to designing and managing my blog, and spending quality time with my family.

In 2011, I decided to quit designing and focus more on the parenting side on my blog, sharing with my readers that parenting is a personal, moment-to-moment choice, and as parents we are sure to make a few wrong choices along the way.


GPC: Has blogging about parenting twins or children with food allergies helped you to form a community with moms facing the same challenges?

Stacy: Definitely. One thing I have found is that we are all parents striving to be the best parents possible for our children.

It’s one thing to talk to a specialist about our children, but I love to get advice and help from real parents in our community, parents who have been there and done that and don’t add any fluff.


GPC: You write about many topics, but is there one that is near and dear to your heart?

Stacy: The topics I hold closest to my heart are the topics around my family.

My husband and I recently celebrated our 10th anniversary so I held a month-long feature of wedding and anniversary posts including amazing DIY tutorials, photography tips, gift giving ideas and more, to help my readers have the most amazing anniversary celebration with us. I don’t blog much about my husband and I, but I really loved including everyone in our joyous celebration.

Sharing our experiences and challenges learning how to manage our son with multiple food allergies has also been dear to me because we have met a huge community of support to help us when times get tough. Whether we have question on how to safely feed our son, or need someone to lean on when our son has a severe allergic reaction, the food allergy support community has helped us realize we are not alone in this challenge.

Raising multiples is different than raising a singleton, and I hope our experiences raising our twins can help a new mother of multiples relax and enjoy the true blessing she has received.


GPC: What types of blog posts have proven to be your most popular?

Stacy: My parenting posts have definitely been my most popular. There is no text book for parenting, and without the help and support of parents world-wide, who would we turn to to give our children the best lives possible?


GPC: How do you balance blogging with your family responsibilities?

Stacy: I have tried everything from an editorial calendar with a strict blogging schedule to even having an editor, but what I have found out is that real life happens, especially when you have young children, and that cannot be scheduled.

At first I used to stress over my blogging schedule, but I have learned that life will go on if a post gets missed. Yes, I yearn for a strict blogging schedule with posting dates based on categories, but it’s just not possible right now. Just last week, I rescheduled my posts after my six-year-old broke his wrist, definitely not something I had planned. He needed me and I needed to be there for him, and that was what was important.

Read all of Stacy’s parenting articles, food allergy advice and craft ideas on her blog and don’t forget to follower her on Twitter and Facebook too!

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