Brand New Bloggerhood 3 Blast Click to Win

Amazing Trading Card prizes to be won

Click to Win Bloggerhood Blast 3!

Here’s yet another chance to show some of the amazing Ganz Parent Club Contributors some love! Stop by the Ganz Bloggerhood and look for the special ad on the top of the pages in the articles. If you find one, click on it and win some great Webkinz prizes!

Look for the Bloggerhood Blast 3 Click to Win ad (displayed below) between May 24th and June 20th to win special Bloggerhood Blast prizes!

Prizes include: 

Trading Card Bed
Trading Card Chair
Trading Card Clock
Trading Card Desk
Trading Card Dining Table
Trading Card Dresser
Trading Card Fridge
Trading Card Side Table
Trading Card Sofa
Dragster TCG Poster
Pool TCG Poster
Quizzy TCG Poster
Wishing Well TCG Poster
Zoangoz TCG Poster

Start clicking in the Bloggerhood at 11:00am EST on May 24th, 2012 and don”t stop until June 20th, 2012 at 11:59pm EST! You can win one item per Webkinz World account per day! Some prizes are more rare than others.

Good luck and we hope you enjoy the great Bloggerhood content!

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131 Responses to Brand New Bloggerhood 3 Blast Click to Win

  1. elias says:

    i can’t find it i want this trading card so bad why can’t i find it aargh

  2. luxurytime says:

    I am so excited. I love to make up new rooms for free. Unfortunately I have been clicking on blogger pages since 11:00 and haven’t seen one click to win add :(

  3. Linda says:

    Yay! I found the add! Already on my way to making up a great new room!

  4. sarah says:

    this is awesome

  5. abba2gail says:

    I do like the trading set . How do you win the prizes? It is a pretty room theme.

  6. jill says:

    whi;e it is nice that ganz is giving away all this stuff as of late, I wonder why we bothered to spend years, and many hundreds of dollars collecting trading cards to see if we could win the things they are now giving away for free. We had ONE room of these items which were very hard won. Now we are being given them for free? Why doesn’t webkinz give away the holiday and special items they had their first 3 or 4 years, which are very rare indeed and which the rest of us didn’t spend actual money to get? It is a slap in our faces that all the things we ran all over collecting all these years are now ‘worth” nothing.

    • nirot says:

      Totally agree with you!

      • mikayla says:

        it is so no fair i won and did not get any thing. i think the first person to see the add gets it. i had to deal with my mom for spending so much money.

  7. grace89 says:

    i want it but i cant find it

  8. rebecca says:

    i love love love love love love love webkinz!

  9. Epic says:

    I have all these items but good luck to collectors!

  10. ashlyn says:

    is this really true?