Christmas Countdown Floaty Clicky

Parents! Check back each day for a new floating item!


Hi Parents!

We have a Christmas Countdown starting today on Ganz Parent Club! ¬†For the next 15 days you could win a new item for your child’s Webkinz World account!


Below are all the prizes that will be available…


Winter Feast Dining Table

Winter Breeze Dresser


Icy Cold Icebox


Awesome Arctic Television


Winter Wonderland Sofa


Winter Wonderland Bed


Winter Wonderland Stove


Winter Wonderland Mirror


Winter Wonderland Window


Frozen Delights Dining Chair


Ice Block Counter


Ice Cold Toy Box


Icy Cool Blender


Chilly Lounging Chair


Cool Ice Coffee Table


How a Floaty Clicky event works is simple, if you see a floating item while on Ganz Parent Club, click it for your chance to win!


The Christmas Countdown Floaty Clicky starts today, Wednesday December 11th at 2:00 PM EST, and will end on Wednesday December 25th at 11:59 PM EST.


Remember to check back each day for a new floating item!


Happy Holidays!

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Ganz Parent Club is the family entertainment hub that engages creativity and fun from kids to their tech savvy grandparents.

52 Responses to Christmas Countdown Floaty Clicky

  1. Katzndawz says:

    2:30 pm and no Christmas Countdown Floaty. Do they ever start on time?

  2. julieperkins says:

    i wish this floaty clicky stuff would work again

  3. alonnia_01 says:


  4. alonnia_01 says:

    can not find one :(

  5. mommy71509 says:

    i have some of these items from last year yet. well i guess maybe i can finally have a full collection. Good luck everyone.

  6. LittleRaini says:

    Great way to make profit!

  7. 4uLittleOne says:

    This is Wonderful!!! Since you can’t buy items anymore. And some of them are very rare like the winter window and mirror.. Ganz Parents Area is Awesome!!

    • alonnia_01 says:

      They are coming back to the WSHOP jan 1st , so hang on to them for the new Winterfest Challenge you will need them!

  8. fairysprig says:

    I haven’t seen any floaties for this yet.

  9. cowtown says:

    thank you ganz i wish i had collected this room theme before thanks for letting us get another chance, thanks so much merry Christmas to all.

  10. KittensMittens says:

    AWESOME presents, thank you so much!!!!