Father’s Day Gift Ideas Contest

Top 10 greatest Dad gifts this year

The special day to celebrate your fantastic Father is right around the corner. We at the Ganz Parent Club need a little help coming up with some great gift ideas to bestow on our deserving fathers. So please give us a hand by leaving your top 10 list of best Father’s Day gifts. If you’re one of the five lucky ones chosen you could win a virtual Tropical Island Pup!


5 Winners will be randomly selected from the poll of entrants who fill out all of the fields correctly.

The contest opens at 1:30pm EST on May 25th, 2012 and ends at 11:59pm EST on June 19th, 2012. For details on how to enter the contest click here .

An active Webkinz World account is required to use the prize.

Open to Webkinz World members residing in the USA and Canada (some exceptions apply).

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389 Responses to Father’s Day Gift Ideas Contest

  1. Kayla says:

    it’s so cute!!!

  2. Kate says:

    I think the best fathers day gift would be money becuase then if your not sure what he would like he can go out and buy what he wants.

  3. mac says:

    PLEASE Let my dad win it would be my pleasure.

    • Hannah says:

      I know its realy cute but my dad would not want it all I’m doing is telling the truth and I know your Dad’s would not won’t that puppy.

      • Abby says:

        If you win the contest your dad will most likely give the webkinz to you. Because, like what dad has there own Webkinz account. NOT VERY MANY!!!

        • houserlynx says:

          Our dad has his own Webkinz! He’s got an apatasaurus and an orangutan. If I win this for our dad, I know he will log it on to his account. He plays his account just so he can show us the cool stuff he collects, like about a hundred Wacky hot air balloons! It is so funny!

          • violet says:

            are you seious? I just want it because its so cutee $$$$$

          • a person says:

            my dad has 2 webkinz, a oriole and rooster. but he doesn’t play webkinz much so i don’t mind if i don’t win. though it would be nice to get a webkinz for me. my account is not full anymore.

      • Brianna says:

        To:Hannah.Of course you dad probly wouldn’t want the stuffed animal but what the contest is,is that you are supposed to give out ideas of what your dad might want.If you give out good ideas,you might be picked to get the stuffed animal.It does not have to be for your dad.It could be yours.

        • don't know says:

          well sorry. actually it is not a stuffed animal for the prize. (my brother has it it is so cute!!!

      • emily says:

        ya same my dad would not want it .

    • dorthy says:

      I would love that for my dad he would love it.

    • sandta says:

      some dad would like it has a gift and how would you know if the dad would like it i i think it sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

  4. Mike says:

    Thank you guys so much I love Webkinz, and are big fans of yours! Love ya!

  5. webkinzqueen17x says:

    this would be truley cool becuase i’m the unluckiest person in the whole world.

    • truelover2002 says:

      that’s SO funny,webkinzqueen17x!!!!!!

      • Talia says:

        i REALLY hope that you pick me,`cause my dad has this really cool webkinz acount and has so many exclusive items,its SCARY!(and rare webkinz)

        • pigslove123 says:

          i love webkinz but i dont get on alot but sometimes my dad he watches me play and i thunk he would love it if he had one to play aon please help me win this

          • BBBthree says:

            pigslove123, That is so nice of you to want to give it to your dad. I don’t think my dad would play anyway, so now I am hoping that you will win. Good luck!

        • amanda says:

          i want this webkinz so bad, my dad wants this webkinz so badly

          • gabriele says:

            i think this webkin is so cute my dad loves dogs i will send it to him because he is in the army

          • rachel says:

            hey i want that more than anyone and i even already have a room for it. p.s PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!

    • smorehead says:

      i feel you webkinzqueen17x. i am to!!! :)

    • cowlapo says:


  6. Sara says:

    What I always do for my dad is I always make him special massage “coupons” They are just small little squares with an M on it. BUT HE LOVES IT!!! And make sure you also included the usual= a clean house and a happy attitude. :P

  7. BOB says:

    I prefer webkinz for kids and older and it teaches responsiblity.

  8. kailah says:

    i would like to have just love from my family and friends

  9. Bob says:

    1favorite movie pack 2 a ipad 3 a iphone 4 fathers day card 5 a ticket to hawii 6 no work for dad day 7 golf car 8 halo for xbox360 9 sleep all day day 10 free kid working coupon book

  10. Sydney says: