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January is Bath Safety Awareness Month!


January is Bath Safety Awareness Month! It’s time to share! Let us know your funniest, craziest, best Bathtime stories! Just share your great fun in the suds story and you could win a Plush Darling Dino!

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385 Responses to Funny Bathtime Stories Writing Contest!

  1. Nya says:

    When I was little my brother covered me in bubbles all the way up to my head.

  2. flower says:

    i really,really really want that darling Dino plush,hope i can find it.

  3. sydni says:

    I was in the bathtub just playing with a rubber ducky and I stood up in the bathtub and I slipped on the rubber ducky. I fell but I was not hurt I was just laughing.

  4. Andrea says:

    Watching the kids pretend shave with their kid versions of a shaving kit.

  5. Claire says:

    I used to put bubbles on my mouth and pretend i was Santa clause!! lol

    • Ariana says:

      Wow once me and my step sister put bubbles on our faces to look like santa claus and we yelled MOM!come here so my mom came and she laughed at us and she took some bubbles and she put bubbles on here face.LOL

      • mory56 says:

        cool. when i was little,i put bubbles on my face, and called my mom and nana. i said “im santa!” they got a mirror and i looked ridiculous!

    • coolcat4 says:

      Omg! too funny! I did this too with my cousin, Jordan! It was hilarious!

  6. DivaPinkFish says:

    Well, This was actually the other day!! I was getting ready for a bath and i told my mom to extra bubbles in the tub! So she done it :] I was playing in there with the extra bubbles and things and then i decided to make myself have an old man beard!!! I got out of the bath tub with my beard and showed my mom and we laughed all that night about it :)

  7. samantha says:

    when caitlynne and I and my sister kendelynne played in the tub with purple dye. we were all purple and smelled like lilacs. mom was not to pleased lol but it was fun taking 2 baths the second one to get the color off

  8. lara says:

    amazing! i love the darling dino!!!!!!!!!

  9. OLP0 says:


  10. kate says:

    my daughter got markers that would draw on tiles in the tub and she got them and colored and when she tried to wash it off and she could not then i tried and i asked her to show me the markers and they were sharpy markers!