Ganz Parent Club’s First Floaty Clicky

Win pink prizes!


This is it! Ganz Parent Club’s very first Floaty Clicky just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Read all about the new Floaty Clicky and win a bunch of great, pink themed prizes before Valentine’s Day! What a better way to treat your loving Webkinz pets!

Get ready to Floaty Clicky!

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Ganz Parent Club is the family entertainment hub that engages creativity and fun from kids to their tech savvy grandparents.

65 Responses to Ganz Parent Club’s First Floaty Clicky

  1. 2WebbiesMomz says:

    Nice prizes. :)

  2. bashopper says:

    Happy surprise – and I’ve won an Ice Cream for my pet.

  3. kinzmaven says:

    This was the prettiest Floaty I’ve ever seen! These Events are working flawlessly for me! Thanks!

  4. jojo says:

    so cute i love it

  5. polkan says:

    Nice event but it is not working as usual:) Now it is 6:38, I have visited at least 30 pages (logged in and not) but found just nothing. Thank you!

  6. Brainiac123456789 says:


  7. burnsey0814 says:

    WoooHooo! I am so excited for this floaty clicky!

  8. allya says:

    Yea! I love the floaty events! :)

  9. mpquad says:

    Great!! They all seem to working. Thank Gantz

  10. QwikDrawJay says:

    Sorry, but the 24 hour rule is not cool at all! Rolling over @ midnight should be reinstated. How can the children remember when their 24 hours is up? Different time zones should be taken into consideration also. Very disappointed in this ‘new rule’.

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