Gingerbread Man Hat Floaty Clicky

We have special floaty clicky event happening on Ganz Parent Club!


We have special floaty clicky campaign happening on Ganz Parent Club today.  Find the floating Gingerbread Man Hat and a virtual Gingerbread Man Hat will be added to your Webkinz World account!


The Gingerbread Man Hat Floaty Clicky starts today, Monday January 13th at 4:30 PM EST, and will end on Sunday January 19th at 11:59 PM EST (Limit of one prize per Webkinz World account per day).

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45 Responses to Gingerbread Man Hat Floaty Clicky

  1. candy1616 says:

    COOL!!!!!!!!! I wish they would do a floaty clicky for the outfit again!!!!! I missed that day on ganzworld….. so bummed!!!!! Please bring back the dress part of it again!!!!!

    • tntmonton says:

      I never saw the outfit either, and I’m on here almost every day. Please, Ganz, bring it back!!

    • ImaPepper says:

      Aw, man! I missed it! :-(

    • Snowleopardlovexoxo says:

      IKR! I just found the ad about this on webkinz world so I haven’t gotten the outfit either :C i’m hopping that they haven’t brought it out yet or they’re gunna bring it back. the food outfits are always my favorites!

    • annikapanda says:

      I didn’t know that there was a dress part.please bring it back

      • leachow53 says:

        I received a jump suit not a dress. It was either a deluxe item or a float add. Only received one.

    • gaberdoodle1234 says:

      This was one of the coolest contests this year!!! Who ever thought of it THANKS!! My pets look great and these items will end up being Super Rare.. So many people want the outfit to go with the hat/shoes but it was only given out once in webkinz newz once during 12days of christmas. Maybe the E-store could sell the gingerbread outfit for the ones that missed that day..It rocks and so Do You!!

  2. bgos says:

    This is so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks ganz! Happy new year!

  3. bop says:

    awesome! i want that!

  4. BuffaloGirl14075 says:

    This is so cute!! My pets will have to draw straws to see who gets to be the gingerbread man for next Halloween! Thank you Ganz.

  5. mommy71509 says:

    super cute… just want to eat ‘em up!!! :P

  6. cowtown says:

    so cute these match the gingerbread suit we got thank you so much ganz i was wondering what to put with that suit. so cute.

  7. ShiverMeWhiskers says:

    REALLY SWEET! Thank you so much!!!

  8. ATLlittles says:

    The clicky floaty for the hat and shoes have stoped working. I got them for my neice and nephew but when I went to get it for my other 2 neices they just stoped working.This isn’t the 1st time its done that either. I’ve even changed browsers and it still says expired.Please fix. They don’t have ganz account but my daughter does and I can’t get here hat or shoes too. HELP

  9. birdfolks9 says:

    The Gingerbread Dress::: HELP!!! I never saw anything about the dress, I look and log in everyday, I never saw anything for the dress, what am I missing, was it something to buy, was it a one day thing I might had missed?? Please help me understand..

    • rainy2day says:

      they already had the gingerbread outfit as a floaty clicky.

    • nanabunny55 says:

      Same here :( I log in everyday and I never saw it either. Maybe they will have it again. :)

    • TinaKitty24 says:

      That’s strange. I found the dress (well actually its not a dress. It’s a costume) and I saw it floating around. I got 2. ♥♥So cute♥♥

  10. Emilypup says:

    It’s so cute