Harvest Your Own Gamers Garden Click-to-Win!

Look for this Harvest Your Own Gamers Garden ad at the bottom of Ganz Parent Club web pages between November 12th and December 3rd to win special Gamers garden prizes.

Potential prizes include Playing Deck Chair, Two Suits Deck Chair, Gamers Garden Glass Side Table, Deck of Stone Bench, Deck of Stone Dining Table, Topiary of Clubs, Topiary of Diamonds, Topiary of Spades, Divine Dresser, Shrubbery Sleeper Bed, Topiary of Hearts.

Start clicking on November 12th! You can win one item per Webkinz World account per day! Each day lasts from 12:00am EST to 11:59pm EST. Some prizes are more rare than others.

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215 Responses to Harvest Your Own Gamers Garden Click-to-Win!

  1. mbaps says:

    This is an AWESOME contest!!

  2. Country1225 says:

    I love the items and the simplicity of the contest!

  3. LittlePinkFairy says:

    Yay love it

  4. chispita says:

    omg i love those prices! thank u ganz for the opportunity of winning them :)

  5. ibkeiley says:

    love it and peace out

  6. corroboree says:

    This is so awesome!

  7. jfives says:

    Sounds interesting

  8. domoblufadoodle says:

    I love this theme, VISUALLY BEAUTIFUL!

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