Embarrass Your Kids for Awesome Prizes!

The Contest to Embarrass Your Kids for Awesome Prizes!


Hey Parents! We’ve got a contest that will evoke your inner rapper and give you the chance to win some great prizes for you and the kids.

Following the release of an animated Webkinz music video titled “The Coolest Thing is Everything”, we launched a “Webkinz Rap Contest“encouraging Webkinz fans (with YouTube accounts) to write & rap their own “The Coolest Thing is Everything”  lyrics on video.


Of course we wouldn’t ask anyone to rap on video unless we were willing to do it ourselves!

In the “Webkinz Rap Contest” video you’ll find a handful of Webkinz staffers in their full glory performing the “Coolest Thing is Everything” rap for fans.

So, we’ve got Webkinz fans and Webkinz employees rapping, but what’s missing? …. YOU!

To complete this campaign (and to embarrass your kids) Webkinz is calling all parents to submit a short rap video for a chance to win a gift basket containing Time & Again beauty products and a Webkinz pet!

The 5 winner’s videos will also be featured in a parents-only Webkinz Rap Video!






We’ll pick 5 parents to WIN!

a) Just download this

and LISTEN to the beat.

To play this song, please click the song button, to download and save the song, please right-click this link and select “save target as” or “save link as”.

b) Write your OWN Lyrics about Webkinz. Must be 1 (one) FULL verse (see the verse outline below).

c) Record a video of you rapping your lyrics.

d) To ensure you’re rapping to the beat, play the song on your HEADPHONES or play the song on your computer (low) while you rap.


e) Submit your video to us on YouTube by replying to this video ( http://youtu.be/IT9hp00RUck ) between October 26th and November 26th, 2011.

Please read the full Webkinz Parent Rap Contest Rules.


Webkinz Gift Basket


Here’s an example of a verse outline:

Use the outline below and replace the words – OR – get super creative and WRITE YOUR own lyrics from scratch. It’s entirely up to you!

Gonna ___(verb)___ a ________ at the ___(noun)___.

Rollin’ in KinzCash and _______, ________ I ____(verb)____.

You know you ____(verb)___ ___(noun)___ , so __________ be ___(verb)____’

While __(noun)___ watch me do ________ __(verb)___!

To the ___(noun)___ with my ___(adjective)___ __(noun)____.

Then to the ___(noun)____, with my ____(noun)___ around.

We head to the ___(noun)___ that’s what we ___(verb)__.

Buy a ___(noun)____ from ___(noun)___ !


Good Luck! The Webkinz team looks forward to hearing and watching your rap!

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46 Responses to Embarrass Your Kids for Awesome Prizes!

  1. Mia says:

    Woah! I’m so entering! I don’t have a WW account but my dd does.

    • Camryn says:

      im not y r u entering???

      • Ladainian says:

        We definitely need more smart people like you around.

        • Jennylyn says:

          I think that the expression of who we are and what we are about comes out in our life. Do we undgreo the discipline of art then as our skills emerge, our person will find it’s way onto the canvass. This , I believe , is true in all career paths. We unconsciously express who we are. because we continually are in a state of change it would seems that how we express ourself will also gradually change. Personally, I continue to accumulate skill in art so that I can best communicate me and my message.

    • Tiana says:

      you do not hava an account than how are you here

    • Kenady lovebug says:

      I luv the super awesome idea so cool i’m trying it out because super prizes awesome

      • Happi! says:

        Ah, the prizes for the kids rap contest is more awesome. It is to late for my parents to enter anyways.

        Be Happi! :) :D :mrgreen:

  2. shelly says:

    Oh My! LOL This is going to be really fun! LOL :P

    • tykke1 says:

      LoL I mean really

      It is going to be really fun don’t you think LoL.I already won one and I got alot

      of webkinz. but I want to do it again LoL.

      Sary about that I was just so especially excited that I won the contest ha ha LoL.

  3. calin1961 says:

    You are my best pet.
    Good luck.

    • KOKOKOKOPO says:

      What does that mean? I love webkinz.if u do say i love :) smily faces.Lol


  4. JENNA says:

    This so funny!

  5. Phi says:

    You guys should have a contest for older teens.

  6. Corissa says:

    i am a fann of webkinz

  7. sissely says:

    OMG!!! so funny im getting my mom to do it.

  8. peacesine24 says:

    i dont know. its so hard to do…. well for the past few days i’ve been thinking of some lyrics but im so bad at it. so maybe ill dont do it. maybe i will. sorry maybe not. cross your fingers. -peacesine24

  9. Jennymar says:

    Hmmmmmm… maybe my hubba can help me with this?

  10. pil says:

    thinking of lyrics and so gonna win it
    Go webkinz