UPDATE: Thanksgiving Click to Win

Get some awesome virtual Thanksgiving prizes for your Webkinz pet!

Thanksgiving is here!   Get together with family and friends and celebrate everything that we are thankful for in our lives. So add one thing to be thankful for… some Thanksgiving click to win prizes on Ganz Parent Club! Look for the special ad between November 7th and November 28th to get some awesome virtual Thanksgiving prizes for your Webkinz pet!

 Gobble! Gobble!

UPDATE: This promotion has been extended until November 28th.


Good luck!


Potential prizes include: Roasted Royalliario, Macdoodles, Flanpyre, Kinzlet Milanese, Orange Elm Tree, Yellow Elm Tree, Orange Argyle Sweater, Orange Sweater Dress

Start clicking at 3pm EST on Wednesday November 7th and don’t stop until 11:59pm EST on Wednesday November 28th. You can win one item per Webkinz World per day!

Good Luck!

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140 Responses to UPDATE: Thanksgiving Click to Win

  1. dolphin0611 says:

    I can not wait to win all these prizes!

  2. Not working says:

    Click to win not working. Server problems than indicates already played and no prizes received.

  3. zizc says:

    I hope I win!

  4. mia says:

    i want to win prizes

  5. dill says:

    Where are you supposed to click?

  6. wickykatanna says:

    It says the server is not working and that I’ve already played… but no prizes.

  7. Chena says:

    I’m also getting the “server not working” message. This is the same problem you had when you first launched the Halloween click to win.

  8. Webkinz Rocks 79 says:

    Wow, there is an unsolved mega stove recipe! I want it!

  9. slk says:

    Sorry! You’ve already successfully played in this promotion! – the first time I tried to play it said the servers were down. I want my prize!!!!!!!!!

  10. BuggyBear02 says:

    I did the click to win for my son, it said server error. So I tried it again and it says I already did it, but no prizes showed in the dock?? This is getting really annoying, spending so much time to do these games for my kids and then its not even working. Not Fun. Please fix, thank you.