Bloggerhood Click to Win Extended to April 25th!

Keep your eyes peeled in the Bloggerhood to find the ads... Good Luck!

We’ve extended this campaign to April 25th so you’ll have even more time to collect!

Keep your eyes peeled in the Bloggerhood to find the ads… Good Luck!


Look for the Bloggerhood Blast Click to Win ad (displayed below) in the Ganz Parent Club Bloggerhood between March 29th and April 25 to win pieces from the exclusive Trading Card Condo set and elevate your style! This exclusive set of furniture was previously only available through the purchase of Series 3 Trading cards!

Thank you for visiting the Ganz Parent Club Bloggerhood! Ganz Parent Club is always striving to bring you the best hot topic articles, recipes, and crafts. We hope you enjoy!

Potential Prizes include:

Trading Card Condo Bed
Trading Card Condo Coffee Table
Trading Card Condo Counter
Trading Card Condo Dining Table
Trading Card Condo Dresser
Trading Card Condo Flooring
Trading Card Condo Fridge
Trading Card Condo Lamp
Trading Card Condo Lounger
Trading Card Condo Oven
Trading Card Condo Pedestal
Trading Card Condo Side Table
Trading Card Condo Sofa
Trading Card Condo TV
Trading Card Condo Toy Box
Trading Card Condo Wallpaper
Charm Forest Poster
Cheeky Monkey Poster
Chicken Poster
Chortletorte Poster
Crocodile Poster
Fred Rover Poster
Goldfish Poster
Monkey and Monkey Poster
Ms. Birdy Poster
Puppy Patrol Car Poster
Whimsy Dragon Poster
Witches’ Bathtub Poster

The items in bold are rarer than the others!

Start clicking on March 29th at 4pm EST in the Ganz Parent Club Bloggerhood! You can win one item per Webkinz World account per day! Each day lasts from 12:00am EST to 11:59pm EST. Some prizes are more rare than others.

Just head to the Ganz Parent Club Bloggerhood to begin your search!

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206 Responses to Bloggerhood Click to Win Extended to April 25th!

  1. WackyWebber says:

    Fantastic! I hope to win some of the Condo theme. Although, I wouldn’t terribly mind a few of the posters. ~WW

  2. stuffedwithfun says:

    Where is the Ganz Parent Club Bloggerhood? Is that where I am right now?

  3. Victoria says:

    Someone please tell me where to find the advertisement!!!! I can’t find it! Do I find it in GanzWorld, or do I find it by clicking “Read More” on an article in the GanzWorld Bloggerhood pages, ex: TechSense, Playtime ect. Please tell me!!!

  4. Victoria says:

    I’m sorry about the comment I posted before. I wasn’t sure where to find the add and I was wondering where to find it! I found it! I f anyone wants to know where it is keep on reading! Okay so, lets say you decided to go in the Tech Sense bloggerhood, click on the “Read More” button. Then you will see on top (not on the site that is not with the Ganz Parent Club) that on the left side, it says “Tech Sense Bloggerhood” next to that “Ganz World” and “Click to go back”. Right next to that you will see an Advertisement. Keep exiting the page and clicking “Read More” in the Ganz Parent Club until you find it! Hope this helps! ~Victoria

    • lisiec8 says:

      thanks! So just to clear thing up so you can be sure of were to go let me explain in a little more detail, under every tab like the Buzz tab the Celebrations tab ect. except for buzz, you see at the bottom Bloggerhood, click on that. then you will see several articles click ‘read more’ on one of them keep doing that till you see one of those articles (you can’t miss it)

      • Joyfulmusick says:

        No wonder I haven’t been able to find it! I never would have. Thanks so much for the help!

      • webkinzgirl says:

        thanks this is very helpful,however theyve made this much harder to find…ive been trying for a few days now with no luck that is until i read your article..thanks for your help…i really wanted some of these pieces for my rooms

    • Brittany says:

      This totally made things easier for me, thanks so much!! It so works!! :D

    • mumstar says:

      I was getting totally frustrated with this contest. Thanks a bunch for the help, I found the banners for our entire family in several minutes.

    • Autumn says:

      Thank you so, so much! I was totally stumped on trying to find these until today, thanks to you! Why on earth they made these so difficult to find, I have no idea…

    • Love says:

      Posted on incredible, that was a very good read. In conclusion, someone who actually thinks and understands what they are blogging about. Quite difficult to find of late, especially on the web . thank you, keep it up! .

  5. Jo Jo says:

    this is great my little girl will love this theme because it is pink.

  6. anoymus says:

    oooh i want this cuz i already have the wallpaper

  7. Sophia says:

    i wouls soo want to win because i do not have much furniture and the prizes are cool i bet

  8. sky says:

    i very love webkenz and all for its games and animals please let me win ;)

  9. cocacola says:

    I LOVE these prizes! Cannot wait to play. Thanks Gantz!

  10. doglover1835 says:

    i luv that bed

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