Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas Contest Winners

5 new virtual Songbirds to give away


We hope everyone had a joyful holiday.  Everyone submitted such great ideas, but we can only choose 5.  So, the winners of the Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas are…



Here is what hiphopten submitted…

  1. I like making cookies for the neighbors and attach the recipe.
  2. Filling a less fortunate childs wish list.
  3. I like leaving a trail of small gifts to my daughters big gift Christmas morning.
  4. Every year I get an ornament that records. I place my daughters picture in it and hang it on the tree. A five year old saying Merry Christmas is priceless.
  5. A digital frame is a great gift for grandparents. A continuous slideshow of memories..all in a 4X6 space.
  6. My dogs have their own Christmas tree, under it on Christmas morning is bones and toys. Keeps them busy for a while.
  7. I host the holiday and make enough to give everyone a complete meal for the next day. Yummy gift for all.
  8. The neighbor kids play Secret Santa. They leave a few small gifts at the front door, ring the bell and scram. You pay it forward to another house. The kids LOVE it!!
  9. A simple gift for me is anything for a relaxing bath.
  10. A gift card to a SPA is always a good one too…:)



Here is what jamx814 submitted…

  1. Skylanders
  2. Skateboard
  3. Webkinz
  4. Beyblades
  5. Wii Console
  6. Coloring Books
  7. Pokemon Cards
  8. Clothes
  9. Scooter
  10. iPod Touch



Here is what Lynxiefriend submitted…

  1. Kindle Fire
  2. iPad
  3. Brave DVD
  4. Secret of the Wings DVD
  5. Just Dance 4
  6. Just Dance Disney
  7. Anything Barbie
  8. Adventure ParkWebkinz
  9. Warriors series books
  10. Electric scooter



Here is what sarahstar33367 submitted…

  1. homemade candy
  2. homemade ornament
  3. homemade tree topper
  4. scarf
  5. gloves
  6. hat
  7. necklace
  8. earrings
  9. nook
  10. iTunes gift card



  1. family photo collage
  2. family recipe book
  3. home made cards
  4. crafts
  5. baked goods
  6. books
  7. kitchen items
  8. time together
  9. movie passes
  10. gift cards


Once again congratulations to the 5 winners and a huge thanks to all who entered!

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5 Responses to Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas Contest Winners

  1. hiphopten says:

    Thank you! And congrats to all the other winners! :)

  2. freya says:

    Wow, great list ideas! Congratulations to all the winners!

  3. Pegasus says:

    you guys are so lucky! and congratulations!!!

  4. diego120012 says:

    i love your ideas ,i will use them!

  5. mmk112501 says:

    i am so jealous but congrats to all that won that is my dream pet for sure