Top 10 Contest Winners!

See if you won some prizes!

Top 10 Rock Songs Contest!

We asked you to name the most rockin’ rock songs you could think of- and you did an amazing job! However, there could only be 5 winners- so here they are!





and… Brenda!

Congratulations to the winners! We hope you guys enjoy rockin’ out with your virtual Webkinz Rockerz Cow! 

Top 10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

Top 10 Father's Day Gifts

While Father’s Day was a while back, these winners gave us THE best ideas for what to get Dad, we have so many suggestions we won’t have to ask again for years! And the winners are…





and… Brayden!

Thank you to all who entered and congratulations to our winners! We hope you enjoy your Tropical Island Pup!

Top 10 Summer Fun Activities!

We asked what you were going to get up to this summer and there were some awesome ideas for things to do outside and inside in the summer heat! We hope everyone did everything they listed! Here are the winners for the Top 10 Summer Fun Activities Contest!





and… Anna!

Congratulations winners! We hope you guys got everything you wanted out of the summer and, if not, you have a brand new virtual Sunset Giraffe to make up for it!

Top 10 Smoothie Recipes Contest!

Top 10 Smoothie FlavorsSmoothies come in all shapes, sizes, flavors! We asked everyone to let us know their favorite Smoothie flavors so we’ll have a tasty way to beat the summer heat. There were some awesome flavors recommended, but only five could win! Here are the winners…





and… Adrianna!

Congratulations to the winners! We hope they enjoy their Virtual Coyotes to play with while they’re sipping on their refreshing smoothies!

Top 10 Ice Cream Flavors!

There is nothing better than an ice cream cone on a hot summer’s day- so we’d like to thank everyone very much for all of their delicious ice cream flavor suggestions! However, there can only be 5 winners and here they are!





and… Truman!

Congratulations to the winners of the Ice Cream Flavors Contest! We hope the winners enjoy their virtual Rockerz Monkey! We can’t wait to try all of the amazing ice cream flavors that everyone suggested.

Top 10 Summer Movies

Some of the best movies come out during the summer! That’s why we asked for your Top 10 Summer Movie Suggestions! Not only did you recommend a few new releases we can look forward to, but we also heard of a few classics that we’ve since put on our “must watch” list! The 5 winners recommended movies that were old, new, and all around awesome!





and… Charly!

Congrats winners! We hope you love your virtual Rockerz Papillon Dogs!

Thank you to all who entered in these great contests. We had a lot of fun seeing all of your fabulous suggestions on all sorts of topics! 

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