Top 10 Deluxe Membership Contest Winners!

We are giving away 20 One month Deluxe Memberships!


A huge thank you to all who participated in the Ganz Parent Club Top 10 Deluxe Membership Contest!  We received so many terrific entries, but we can only choose twenty.  So, the winners of the Top 10 Deluxe Membership Contest are…



Top 10 Deluxe Membership features that spark dapplegreyhorse the most are…

  1. KinzStyle shop
  2. Vacation Island
  3. Dock Customization
  4. Kinzpost Extras
  5. Daily activities for deluxe members
  6. Pet Backdrop Customization
  7. Deluxe Only clothing
  8. Deluxe only Wshop items
  9. Employment office extra job
  10. Free Estore points



Top 10 Deluxe Membership features that spark StarrWolf the most are…

  1. The special smiley faces
  2. Kinzstyle shop
  3. Exclusive gift box
  4. Ganz eStore points
  5. Access to Fairy falls
  6. Entry to vacation island for free
  7. Exclusive things at Wshop
  8. exclusive cute clothes at the KinzStyle outlet
  9. Design your phone
  10. Changing your pet’s background



Top 10 Deluxe Membership features that spark labrador the most are…

  1. Deluxe W-Shop Items
  2. Deluxe Daily Activities
  3. Deluxe KinzStyle Outfit Items
  4. Deluxe Arcade Games
  5. Deluxe Challenges
  6. Deluxe Curio Shop Bonuses
  7. Play in the Magical Forest and Zumwhere without a special code
  8. Dress your pet special outfits
  9. Free e-Store Points
  10. Deluxe Clubhouse Bonuses



Top 10 Deluxe Membership features that spark bunnyhoward the most are…

  1. Free bonus eStore Points!
  2. Great Deluxe only sales at the eStore!
  3. Free Monthly Deluxe Prize box!
  4. Extra class at the Academy!
  5. Persephone’s Shop Access!
  6. Free entry into all areas of Magical Forest!
  7. Pretty Speech bubbles!
  8. Deluxe Challenges!
  9. Free Vacation Entry!
  10. Deluxe Wednesdays at eStore!



Top 10 Deluxe Membership features that spark millerb4 the most are…

  1. Monthly Clothing Gift
  2. Extra Job
  3. Extra Kinzville Academy Class
  4. eStore Points Monthly
  5. Reduced Prices in the eStore
  6. Special Deluxe Advantage Items in the eStore
  7. Deluxe Daily Activities
  8. Wheel of Deluxe
  9. Adventure Park Free
  10. Deluxe clothes in the Kinzstyle Outlet


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Ganz Parent Club is the family entertainment hub that engages creativity and fun from kids to their tech savvy grandparents.

33 Responses to Top 10 Deluxe Membership Contest Winners!

  1. dapplegreyhorse says:

    Thank you thank you so much! I can’t believe I won a contest!! Ganz you really made my day! Thanks so much. :D I never thought I win I still can’t believe it. This means a lot to me. :) ~Dapplegreyhorse

  2. StarrWolf says:

    Thanks so much!!! I was so excited when I checked my email this morning. Thanks Ganz for these wonderful contests!

  3. Galaya says:

    GOOD JOB GUYS!!!!!!

  4. lilypugrulestoo says:

    congratulations to you both…….some day I could win too ahhhhh! at least it has been fun…….good luck ….looking forward to more contests

  5. fiona54 says:

    I just found out that I am a lucky winner too! Congratulations to everyone who won and it is definitely fun and worthwhile to enter contests!

  6. ImAwesome30 says:

    hi good job people

  7. bunny says:

    Thank you so much! I was so excited when I saw that I won!!!! I honestly almost deleted the email-it was like: junk, delete, junk, delete,spam,delete,spam,delete, ganz, huh, spam, delete, ….wait… a ganz letter… prize, what? OH YAY!

  8. greenladymusician says:

    wow , congrats. to all the winners.i am wishing.that i won too but it is nice to see.that others thought up some really , really cool responses.

  9. smargirl says:

    Congratulations, winners! Good job! I am trying to persuade my dad to get me to become a deluxe member for my birthday. Today is my birthday, so we’ll see… :D

  10. juliettastarfly says:

    My sister – CrescentCandy – won. She checked her mail today after a heads-up from Webkinz pals and literally screamed, I thought we’d been virused. XD So then she started jumping up and down and I ran over to see what the matter was…she’d gotten Deluxe…congrats, sis!