Webkinz Day 2012 Twitter Party!

We’re throwing a party on Sunday, April 29th to celebrate the 7th birthday of Webkinz, the multi-award winning children’s brand with one of the largest and most popular kid’s sites in the world!

You’ll have a chance to WIN one of 100 virtual Webkinz pets during the party by answering ANY of our fun and imagination provoking party questions.

  1. Follow @Webkinz and @Ganz_World on Twitter.
  2. Watch for our party questions ( http://twitter.com/Ganz_World) beginning at 2pm (EST) on Sunday April 29th 2012.
  3. Include for #WebkinzDay in your tweets during the party!
  4. Answer any one of the questions during the party for a chance to WIN (between 2:00pm – 3:30pm).Webkinz Prizes

The official Twitter party Contest Rules.

We’d like to follow you on Twitter! Leave us your Twitter handle on the #WebkinzDay party event page on Facebook!

Copy and paste the message below to TWEET about the party:

Join me on Sunday, April 29th at 2pm EST for the #WebkinzDay Twitter party! 100 Webkinz pet prizes http://bit.ly/HTgY7C


Twitter Party How To Video

Are you new to Twitter parties?  Watch the video below to learn how to participate in a Twitter Party

Prizes sponsored by the Ganz eStore & Webkinz.


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17 Responses to Webkinz Day 2012 Twitter Party!

  1. WebkinzBoy731 says:

    I can’t wait to be there. Webkinz is such an amazing site and I wanted to thank you all for the amazing 7 years! :)

  2. dune456 says:

    Oh Thank You so much for doing a how to video.. I try to particpate but always wonder if i’m doing it right.. Now I’ll know for sure and i’m alot of other people are pretty happy about this how to video.. OH YEA IT’S WEBKINZ DAY!!! Having been with webkinz for at least 3 years I can tell you it’s very fun.. ooo and the road trip is coming to.. I love everything about webkinz.. So much fun.. Yea!!

  3. polaroid3 says:

    I only let my kids do things associated with webkinz, like this site and webkinz newz.. plus those ad’s that float across the screen.. I love webkinz but i dislike ALL the ad’s for this that EVERYWHERE.. I feel so overloaded.. I just spent two or more hours looking for the click to win.. Ya that long.. It’s the down side to trying to win prizes for my kids. Oh thank you and I love the articiles you write. Thanks again for the how to video..

  4. Merrily77Sunset says:

    Counting the moments till the Party. Yippee!!!

  5. countrygirl22 says:

    Wow, 100 prizes?! That’s awesome. I can’t wait to join the party and try to win.

  6. Percy says:

    too bad i dont have a twitter…:(

  7. BeeCat says:

    I don’t use Twitter, and I have no plans to. Otherwise, I would love to have one of those blue tigers.

  8. Hannah says:

    This is great and all and I’m excited to try and come! However, at the same time, I’ve never really cared for virtual pets. It’s much cooler to not only have these awesome pets in game, but to physically be able to hold and look at every day. :) Too much of everything is becoming digitized these days.

  9. Digital Mom Blog says:

    Sounds like fun! My kids <3 their webkinz!