White Skirt Floaty Clicky

Find this virtual White Skirt for your child's Webkinz World account!


Your child’s virtual pet will look terrific in this White Skirt!  Starting today at 10 AM EST you could win a virtual White Skirt during our Floaty Clicky event on Ganz Parent Club!


How a Floaty Clicky event works is simple, if you see a floating White Skirt (shown below) while on Ganz Parent Club, click it for your chance to win!



The White Skirt floaty clicky will start today, Monday May 19th 2014 at 10:00 AM EST, and will end on Thursday May 22nd 2014 at 11:59:59 PM EST. Limit of one prize per Webkinz World account per day (a full 24 hours).

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Ganz Parent Club is the family entertainment hub that engages creativity and fun from kids to their tech savvy grandparents.

26 Responses to White Skirt Floaty Clicky

  1. isabell says:

    its so cute!

    • everyis2 says:

      yep it’s super cute

      • StrawberryFields4ever says:

        It is SO cute that I think you should run it all of August for those of us who missed it the 1st time round. Oh please and thank you!!!!!

        • CatfishHunter says:

          I agree! It would make a great skirt 4 school if it were in tie-dyed candy corn colors!

  2. AvzoraGW says:

    nice! thx, Ganz!

  3. Bugz7H says:


  4. Brumno says:

    I keep looking for the item for this and it’s not appearing. And i haven’t had these before

  5. Hunnypoo128 says:

    Cute!! Can’t wait to get it!! :)

  6. WEBKINZFREAK51 says:

    it really cute

  7. migrubbs says:

    Yes, it’s so pretty. Some of my pets would love it.

  8. shalta321 says:

    A lot of my pets are white, so white clothes don’t suit mine….It’s really cute though and i will still try to find it. But I mainly buy bright colored clothes for my pets :) Reds and blues and flowered patterns i love :) Thanx Ganz for everything :)

  9. LittleRaini says:

    Cute skirt, hope I get it!

  10. sabbie831 says:

    its not appearing