Egg Cup Christmas Tree Ornament

Make this cute recycle craft that is perfect for the little ones.

Learn to make this Egg Cup Christmas Tree Ornament CraftSmall children love the festivities at Christmas, especially the lights and shiny glitter! Make these fun Christmas ornaments from recycled egg cartons, they’ll have such fun glittering them up with you.

Craft Supplies:

  • 3 cardboard egg cups
  • 12” yarn
  • 1 jingle bell
  • Glitter paint in various colors
  • Green acrylic craft paint
  • Toothpick
  • White craft glue

How to Make It:

  1. Cut the egg cups apart and trim off the excess. Paint the cups green and let dry.
  2. When dry, paint the cups with green glitter paint and let dry.
  3. Use the handle end of a paintbrush to dab on a few different colors of glitter paint as lights and let dry.
  4. Poke a toothpick through the top of each egg cup.
  5. Fold yarn in half and tie a looped knot at the fold, insert the loop into the hole through the inside of the egg cup, the knot should stop it and hold it in place. Trim off one of the yarn tails.
  6. Thread the remaining yarn strand through the other two egg cups (using a toothpick to push the yarn through helps).
  7. Use a toothpick to poke the end of the yarn through the jingle bell and push the jingle bell up to the egg cups. Tie off with a knot and secure with some white craft glue.

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Amanda Formaro is the crafty, entrepreneurial mother of four children. She loves to bake, cook, make kid's crafts and create decorative items for her home. She is a crafting expert and guru in the kitchen and has appeared online and in print publications many times over the years. She is also the editor for the Home & Garden channel at Craft Gossip and owner of . You can see her crafty creations on Crafts by Amanda and her delicious recipes on Amanda's Cookin'

3 Responses to Egg Cup Christmas Tree Ornament

  1. LalaMoosh says:

    This is kind of neat. My girls & I have been making something similar to these with code shaped coffee filters. Maybe these egg cupps can be topped of with a used, then dried & painted cone coffee filter for that true “Christmas tree” look.

  2. grandkids9 says:

    will make the tree with grandkids

  3. Linda says:

    will make with grandkids. great

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