Firework Napkin Rings

Perfect for any summer holiday

A great accent to any summer holiday table- especially the Fourth of July

Matt and I believe that the difference is in the details, and you might consider the napkins and napkin rings part of the “details” of a summer holiday table setting.

Here’s how this cute “fireworks” napkin ring idea was born.   I was in the JoAnn Fabrics store looking for summer holiday ideas and of course they had several rows of shelving and hanging displays of all sorts of red, white and blue décor.  Hanging at the edge of one shelving unit was a display of little girl’s hair clips.

They are actually those stretchy covered rubber bands with a holiday red, white and blue bead decoration.  My first thought?  Napkin rings! Do any of you think like that?  I’m sure I’m not the only crazy lady out there shopping for ideas.

Another great napkin ring is patriotic ribbon.  You can find red and white stripes, blue with white stars, actual flag flying, and more.  Just tie pieces of ribbon around the napkins and finish them off with a bow or square knot for a nice added detail.

I have also put together one of my red cloth napkins with little gold dots inside a patriotic blue paper napkin and gathered them in the center using a white metal star ornament as the napkin ring.  This combination is both colorful and practical.  Most people will use the paper napkin and I can refold most of the cloth ones and put them back in the drawer!

When I catch a sale or have a coupon I purchase holiday appropriate printed fabrics.  It’s easy to whip up a set of square napkins by cutting out the squares – usually 16 to 18 inches is about right – and hemming the four edges.  Use a solid colored bright tablecloth, white paper plates and bright patterned cloth napkins that you can use over and over again all summer long!

Scrapbooking paper can also be made into cute napkin rings.  I’ve done this for Valentine’s Day because they generally get one use – dinner!  But, what is nice is a single sheet of scrapbooking paper is relatively inexpensive compared to purchasing the dozen or so napkin rings it will make for you.  Just cut out rectangular strips, wrap them around the napkin and conceal the tape to hold them in place.  They can be ripped off the napkin and thrown in the paper recycle bin – as easy as that!

So you see, with a little imagination, there is no excuse for boring holiday tables this year…or any year for that matter!

Visit Matt & Shari where you’ll see that bandanas from a dollar store or small party flags can bring your patriotic table to life!

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  1. Mia789 says:

    you guys are so cool!! i love all the ideas you give us.. happy 4th of july

  2. lilypugrulestoo says:

    Very nice….since I am Canadian…I think we will try our hand at red and white fireworks for our July 1st celebration…..really cool…thank you for the idea!

  3. tntmonton says:

    This would be cute as a ponytail holder too.

  4. lilypugrulestoo says:

    ahhh ponytail great addition to Canada Day and 4th of July accessaries..I think I will make one for my dog too

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  7. kozykinz1335 says:

    I thought that was a brilliant idea to do that on a holiday. :)

  8. robotkoala says:

    Wow! Neat idea!

  9. christine2001 says:

    those are really cute!!!

  10. cstraw14 says:

    woo very cool