Homemade Felt Stockings

A DIY Christmas tradition for your family

The first iteration of this craft was created in my sister’s grade seven home-ec class. The results soon became treasured staples of our holiday decorating. A few years ago my sister stitched up a new and improved version for the next generation. Now my children cherish their handmade stockings as much as I love the one she created for me over 30 years ago.

Make your own easy felt stockingsWhat you need:

  • Felt in a variety of colors
  • Buttons
  • String
  • Ribbon
  • Sewing machine OR needle and thread
  • Chalk
  • Fabric glue

What you do:

  1. Choose a base color for your stocking. Fold a piece of felt in two, and draw a large stocking shape in chalk on one side, about 18”long by 10” wide. Cut through the double fabric to create two identical pieces of felt in the shape of a stocking.
  2. In a contrasting color, make trim for the top of your stocking. Cut a rectangle to the same width as the top of your stocking and then cut a large scalloped pattern into one long side of the rectangle.
  3. Plan out the images you want to put on your stocking. If you’re not confident in your artistic abilities, use books or Christmas cards for references of simple holiday themed illustrations. You can either copy the illustration onto the felt, or trace a photocopy. You can use accessories like cord and buttons to make legs and feet on a reindeer, or create button eyes on a snowman.
  4. Cut out your pieces and arrange them on the front piece of your stocking. You can glue the pieces in place, or stitch them on. The stitches can be a part of your design, forming branches on a tree, or a face on a snowman.
  5. When you’re happy with the design, place your two stocking shaped pieces of felt together, with the design facing out, and set the trim along the top of your stocking.
  6. Stitch around the edge of your stocking and trim, leaving an opening at the top.
  7. Affix a ribbon loop onto the top, back corner of your stocking for hanging.

Together you and your children can make these charming, one-of-a-kind stockings. They will treasure this unique keepsake and you will both treasure the memories of creating it.

About The Author

Mandy Webster
Mandy Webster is a writer at Ganz and the author of the middle grade Young Marian series, including A Viper in the Forest and Echoes in the Cavern. She’s also an artist and graphic designer whose work has been featured in InStyle, Redbook and Style at Home. A mother of three, Mandy has worked as an advertising copywriter as well as contributing to publications such as Playback, Strategy and Canada On Location.

10 Responses to Homemade Felt Stockings

  1. Laura says:

    They are gorgeous, hubba hubba!

    • bgos says:

      I LOVE to sew! But I’ve never made a stocking, instead I’ve been making teddy bears! I’ve made about twenty! I’m not even a teenager yet! Two years and I’ll be one. I love makig them I’ve made some by hand and the rest by a sewing machine! My mom loves the one I gave her for Mother’s day!

  2. Adriana says:

    These stockings, are such a delight, love it! My Child’s teacher was talking about these in class today, Daniela told me, what a coincedence :-D

  3. me says:

    Fun to make, can be used year after year

  4. SparkleUnicorn1998 says:

    Those look so cute and fun to make. My sister would probably put tons of pictures of puppies and kittens on hers. :)

  5. Matilde says:

    My spouse and i wished to point out your website is very smart.Thanks for sharing a whole lot in your web site.

  6. lovezwebkinz says:

    My mother had as do this as children. She still has them. We should have her make new socks with her grandchildren this year.

  7. dalion2002 says:

    I like them but I sewed the pieces on each stocking. So we could use them year after year.

  8. Alexandru2002 says:

    Cool! Congratulations!

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