It’s Twelve O’Clock Somewhere

Throw a kid-friendly New Years eve party

Host a kid-friendly New years Eve partyIt may be six o’clock in New York, or 3 o’clock in California, but in Paris they are already blowing horns, kissing, and ringing in the new year. That’s the premise for the kid-centric New Years Eve party.

Once we had kids, New Years Eve was never the same. Sure, I could have gotten a sitter, dressed to the nines and made an evening of it like other grown-ups, but my paranoid mind felt irresponsible sharing the road with drivers that did not have my kids’ best interests in mind.

That’s when New Years became a family event for us and I don’t regret it one bit. We’ve had big sleep over parties, gone snowshoeing, sung Karaoke, made sushi, and “travelled” to other countries to welcome the new year with a little cultural experience.

Most kids and sometimes their sleep-deprived parents, struggle to stay up until midnight . New Years Eve is supposed to be festive, but if you are exhausted and the kids are crabby that’s no fun at all. Why not pick a party time that works for you and the kiddos? Then, search the globe, or the Internet, to find a country where it is midnight at your chosen time. For the sake of discussion lets say, in New York at a party time of 6:00 pm it will be Midnight in Paris. Voila! We have a party theme.

New Years in Paris

  • Begin the party at around 5pm.
  • Decorate Parisian style, with an Eiffel Tower and Paris photos (a calendar comes in handy here)
  • Give your guests a beret upon arrival
  • Listen to French music
  • Eat baguettes, cheese and chocolate
  • Decorate fancy noise makers
  • And then at 6:oo ring in the new year with a count down in French
    dix, neuf, huit, sept, six, cinq, quatre, trois, deux, un!
  • You even have time for a showing of Ratatouille before sending guests home on safe roads and less exhausted. Tuck the kids in bed and you can still have a nice glass of champagne and a proper New Year kiss from your special someone.
Need a Noise maker? Check out our article on how to make your own New Year’s noise makers!
Once you’ve hosted your party or have created a theme, I’d love to have you share it in the comments below!
Have a fun and safe New Years Eve and I wish you a a fabulous year ahead!

About The Author

Kit Bennett
Kit Bennett is a celebration and play expert who believes that sprinkles, pom-poms, pipe cleaners and wiggle eyes make the world a brighter place. She’s the founder of and KidsParties 1-2-3 where she makes planning a party for kids as easy as 1,2,3! Her inspiration comes from her four children, two granddaughters and several nieces and nephews whom she loves BIG, BIG, BIG!

3 Responses to It’s Twelve O’Clock Somewhere

  1. rleeman says:

    What fun ideas :) Staying up is always so fun as a kid and doing a theme party makes it even more special!

  2. Sunny says:

    New Years Eve and then New Years Day have always been family time for us. Bring out the board games, card games, special crafts to ring in the New Year… Don’t forget the extra snacks and meals if you are staying awake longer than you usually do, for food helps keep the kids energy up and helps them stay focused. We mix passive with active, put holiday movies on, intersperse crafts with games, and spend the 2 full days spending time together. If the kids get bored with a longer game we might find a way to “quit” early without sacrificing the gameplay (who has the most money in monopoly right now, for example). We always keep the rule that if someone falls asleep no one is allowed to wake them…

  3. Aysha says:

    That is amazing, I will be sure to celebrate with my kids