Leap Day Fun and Facts

Leap for joy, you have an extra day!

leap day fun activitiesWhat do 1816, 1840, 1884,1924, 1976, 2004, 2012 all have in common?
I’ll give you a hint…frogs and ballet dancers kind of have this in common too. Did you guess it?

They are all leap years!

Yes, this month- February 29th to be exact- marks an event that only occurs once every four years…we get an extra day, a Leap Day as it is known. So why not read up on some leap day factoids and spend the extra day having fun with your family, giving back, try something you’ve always wanted to experience or simply, relax. But whatever you do, don’t  treat it like an ordinary day because it just isn’t!

  • Leap Years originated with the Julian calendar over 2000 years ago. Because the year is not exactly 365 days, but actually about 6 hours longer than that, the ancient Romans accounted for this anomaly by adding an extra day to the calendar every four years to correct the drift. Leap Days occur in years that are divisible by four.
  • People born on February 29 are referred to as Leapers or Leaplings, and while they generally celebrate their birthdays on the last day of February, they have the advantage of being able to claim to be only a quarter of their actual age. While it could be kind of cool to claim a slightly younger age, I guess a quarter of your age might be overdoing it a bit.
  • One of the most common traditions associated with Leap Day in European tradition is that on Leap Day a woman may propose marriage to
    a man. Although the exact origins of this tradition are unknown, some legends hold that it dates back as early as the 5th century. The rituals vary from country to country. In some countries, it is believed that if a man refuses a woman’s proposal he must buy her gloves to hide the shame of her ringless fingers while in other places he is expected to buy her fabrics for a gown.
  • Leap Day is also considered unlucky in some places. In Scotland, it is considered unlucky to be born on Leap Day, while in Greece superstition holds that it is unlucky to get married in a Leap Year.

My List Of Leap Day Fun
People all over the world celebrate Leap Day with BIG birthday parties, restaurants serve  special dinners to leap babies and contests are held for the most romantic wedding proposals by women. In addition, from Australia to Africa and Arizona, countries are competing in Leap Year trivia games. So enjoy your “extra day” too! If you and your family want to mark this out of the ordinary day try some of these ideas.

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  • Why not have a backwards day? Have breakfast for dinner, wear your t-shirt inside out, and eat dessert first!
  • Play a game of Leap Frog
  • Make frog cupcakes or crafts
  • Five 29 people on the street one dollar! Or even better,  hand out 29 dollars in quarters just to see how people react.
  • Change your Facebook status to say Happy Birthday Yearlings!
  • Start a new hobby
  • Learn to fold and origami frog
  • Write a leap day poem
  • Do a Leap Year word search
  • Take a new instrument lesson, or art class
  • Make a list of famous Yearlings, find their photos and create flashcards
  • Here are some fun ideas on a “Leap for Joy” Pinterest board I created to inspire you!
  • Read the book “It’s My Birthday… Finally! A Leap Year Story”  A story about a boy named Miles who born on February 29.

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    Good info, I didn’t know much about leap year. Thanks

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    I’m born on leap year. When there’s not a leap year, I celebrate my birthday on March 1st.

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    Wow! There are so many things I didn’t know about Leap day!

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    We have a leap day so the earth can catch up with the time because every 4 years we skip February 29 so we have to make up the 4 days that we skip for leap day.

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    It is fun to have a leap year because it is a special day on earth to enjoy.

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    I love leap year!

  7. Mexicano says:

    I love leap year!

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