Let Your Preschooler’s Imagination Run Wild in Webkinz Jr.

A world of Pre-School fun!

Introduce your preschooler to the world of Webkinz with a fun and educational site designed especially for them! Webkinz Jr. is a creative interactive environment that lets preschoolers take control of their very own virtual world. In Webkinz Jr. your preschooler’s imagination can run free while you have the peace of mind of knowing that your child is safe exploring in this protected corner of the internet. And now you and your preschooler can try out Webkinz Jr. at no risk with a FREE 15 day trial!


On entering Webkinz Jr. your preschooler will be given their own pet. Taking responsibility for the care of their pet fosters a sense of independence in your preschooler as they explore their new online neighborhood. Together your child and their pet encounter a cast of engaging characters that help guide them through educational games and creative play. While the easy-to-follow games and activities start with the most basic learning concepts, Webkinz Jr. allows parents to adjust the level of difficulty to match their preschooler’s abilities.


Every preschooler wants freedom to explore their world and as parents we want to offer them that freedom while keeping them safe. We want to give them tools to succeed and grow, while ensuring that their experience is a healthy and positive one. With Webkinz Jr., parents can rest easy knowing that their little ones are playing, creating and learning in a
secure online environment from one of the most trusted names in children’s online entertainment.


Here is what some mothers are saying about Webkinz Jr.

  • I was pleased to see a virtual play place for the 3-6 year olds. So
    many other sites are just too advanced for that age.
  • My older daughter loves the online world she begs daily to go play. She even can log in herself now!
  • Oh these little critters are adorable.
  • The virtual world is much easier for my son to use.

You can introduce your child to this exciting and educational experience with a FREE 15 day trial. To sign up for your FREE trial, visit www.webkinzjr.com and in just a few simple steps set your child on the path to a world of preschool fun.

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  1. 4uLittleOne says:

    That’s very good of you.. I just happen to have a little sister so i can tell my mom about this.. Thanks ganz

  2. BABWPrincess says:

    I would love to actually play on this site & see how it works! Webkinz is so much fun & I think it’s wonderful to have this available for the younger children!

  3. 48Becky says:

    This is perfect for my nephew’s 3-year old now. I gave him his first Webkinz for his birthday.

  4. sky3 says:

    SO COOL! I wish it didn’t cost money:/

  5. Hannahanddumbo says:

    This is good!

  6. isabela02 says:

    Awesome for lil kids

  7. jinxy says:

    great to have a free trial

  8. 33dance says:


  9. rypenny says:

    it is good

  10. arlyness says:

    Why does it cost to play?