Make a Mother’s Day Coupon Book

A homemade gift for Mom!

Even the youngest gift-givers can come up great ideas for this book!

What you need: Cardstock, markers, printer paper, scissors, one-hole punch, ribbon or yarn

What you do:

  1. Cut the cardstock in half. Cut the printer paper in half.
  2. Put one piece of cardstock on top of the printer paper. This is the cover. Put the other piece of cardstock on the bottom of the pile of printer paper. This is the back cover.
  3. Punch several holes in the side and sew the book together with the ribbon or yarn.
  4. On each piece of printer paper, have your child write down one thing they’ll do for the recipient. Here are some great ideas to get you started:
    • Help set the table.
    • Help take care of (younger sibling’s name).
    • Do my chores without being reminded.
    • Wash the car.
    • Wash the dishes each night for a week.
  5. Have your child decorate the cardstock cover with markers, stickers photos or any craft supplies you have on hand.
  6. When all of the decorations are dry, it’s time to wrap this very special homemade gift.

About The Author

Jessica Boyd
Jessica was pretty sure she was going to be a teacher, but after graduating she decided to become a writer. She heard about a little site called Webkinz World that hadn’t yet launched, and the rest (as they say) is history. Jessica has written the W Tales, created loveable characters like Plumpy the Hippo, written for Webkinz Newz and been the creative lead for Webkinz Jr. She is thrilled to bring her love of books, crafts, play, and baking to the Ganz Parent Club. When Jess isn’t writing, she’s busy being an auntie and ‘fairy godmother’ to the wonderful kids in her life.

3 Responses to Make a Mother’s Day Coupon Book

  1. thequiltmama says:

    This is so cute. Love it.

  2. tess says:

    i did this for my mom

  3. emily says:

    that is an awesome gift I am going to try that next mother’s day