Fourth of July Wreath

Add patriotic decor to show your colors!

A great way to celebrate the fourth of julyNow here’s a patriotic project that works for all of the red, white and blue summer holidays and is versatile as well.  This patriotic wreath was easy to pull together and it can be used as a wall hung wreath with the flags, without the flags and even as a centerpiece on a table!

To make this simple wreath you need just a few materials:

Craft Supplies

  •  Flags, size of your choice
  • A garland or sprig of greens
  • A wire wreath frame
  • A garland of sparkling stars
  • Wire cutters
  • Floral wire

How to Make It

  1. Start with a sprig of greens. Cut it down to individual stems using a wire cutter and weave the stems into the wire wreath frame.  To make sure they stay in place, use a little bit of floral wire.
  2. Add enough greens to really fill in the wire frame.  You may be able to see that the greens wont’ make into a perfect circle…that’s OK; it just makes it look more interesting.
  3. Unwind the star garland and either wrap it around the entire frame or use the florist’s wire to attach it to the top of the wreath all the way around.  Keep it loose and less structured.  Then simply add the flags by weaving them through the back of the wire wreath frame or wiring them in place.
  4. For a centerpiece I set the wreath down in the middle of the table and added a glass bowl filled with sand and off white and white candles.  I suppose red, white and blue candles would be nice in here as well!  Add some star confetti to the table and you are ready for a party!

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5 Responses to Fourth of July Wreath

  1. LalaMoosh says:

    I make lots of wreaths, both with artificial & real flowers & this one is truly adorable. I have gotten some cute “4th” decorations from such things as plastic pony tail holders & barrettes, snippets & scraps of ribbons & fabrics, Christmas tree balls & jingle bells. For those who prefer natural wreath items, in the spring when you prune back your grape vines or ivy & save the strands to make a wreath base just be sure you leave enough space to push in some florist foam if you are going to use fresh flowers & plants. You can also use fresh pansies from your garden as for most of us, the heat of July kills them off. Making little wreaths to put around the bases of candles (in pottery, glass votives or hurricane lamps so they don’t catch on fire)is a great party favor or “raffle” prize & is a fun thing to do with your little ones. There’s no need to be too fussy about being perfect & is one of the less expensive crafts for “kids of all ages.”

  2. ImaPepper says:

    Cute idea, I think I’ll have to make this one.

  3. lilypugrulestoo says:

    what a lovely decoration…..I will have to do this next year as I am on the fireworks route…naturally I will use the Canadian flag…. Our fireworks last night were very nice….I am so lucky to see them from my house so I don’t have to go and spend the evening with the mosquitos and the line up to get out of the park……….

  4. kozykinz1335 says:

    Those look awesome

  5. isabela02 says: