Re-gifting 2.0

It's no longer a secret

How to Re-Gift ProperlyNo longer considered a faux pas, re-gifting is a great way to warm someone’s heart (and clean out your closets) this holiday season. Here are three ways to re-gift like a pro:


Throughout the year you’ve received more freebies than you know what to do with, thanks to your punctual participation in social media giveaways. Add that bounty to the bucket load of goodies you’ve amassed from your monthly subscription box addiction and you’ve got the makings of an enviable gift basket (or 2)! Worry not about what you’ll present all these treats in, because you can re-use one of those subscription boxes by covering it in wrapping paper and stuffing it with previously-used tissue paper. When packing up your gift, include the following items (stick closely to the amounts listed to avoid overcrowding) and we guarantee your goodie bag will be adored: 1 food item, 1 accessory or home décor item, and 2 complimentary beauty items (such as a mascara and eye shadow or nail polish and hand lotion).


DIY gifts have been a hit over the past few years, so whip out your glue gun and get creative. Now’s your chance to take that unattractive lamp given to you by your great aunt, or the gaudily decorated faux-pine wreath that your husband snagged for you curbside near his office and re-design them (on the cheap) into a gift recipient’s dream come true.

Unearth that lamp from the depths of the closet and remove both the shade and light bulb. Give the whole base a coat (or two) of silver metallic spray paint and let dry completely. Once the paint is set, distress it lightly with sand paper to give it a vintage-inspired look. Re-affix the light bulb and lamp shade to the base. Dig through your gift wrap bin and grab enough black ribbon to wrap around the top and bottom rims of the lamp shade, which will add an extra dash of panache. Switch up the spray paint and ribbon colors if a similar DIY craft on Pinterest catches your eye and you become keen on using the color palette shown instead.

For that wreath, strip it down to just the faux-pine and start decorating it from scratch. Steal some burlap wrap from your Christmas tree and twirl it around the wreath. In the empty spaces, use bread bag ties (you know you’ve got loads lying around in that junk drawer of yours) to secure formerly empty plastic ornaments – found at any craft store in the $.99 bin – that you’ve filled with metallic colored tinsel to complete the look.


For the re-gifting traditionalists, make a list of recipients and then dig your hand into your gift closet, also known as the land of misfit gifts, and start playing the matching game. As long as presents are re-wrapped and re-labeled (this is important so that the new owner never realizes his or her new fav item is a re-gift), you can get away with a simple hand-off.

May you and your loved ones have the happiest of holidays!

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