Copy the Shiba Inu

A great way to practice drawing!

Meet one of Webkinz’ adorable new pets, the Shiba Inu!


And now your child can be a Webkinz artist with this printable activity that lets them draw their very own Webkinz pet!


Simply click on the image and select print. You child can copy the image from the top grid into the grid below using the squares as their guide. This is a great way for kids to practice and hone their drawing skills.


You can purchase the plush Shiba Inu and more adorable plush Webkinz pets at the Ganz eStore.

Copy the Shiba Inu

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  1. BH1464 says:

    Was anything new posted in Ganz Parent Club prior to March 29,2016, or is that the unofficial re-launch date? Regardless, I’m really happy to see new items being posted here again. Great job!

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