Fun and Unique Valentines to Make

When store bought won't do

Store bought Valentines are fine in a pinch, but when you really want to say “Be Mine!”, these unique homemade Valentines will do the trick and they are so much fun to make!Homemade valentine bracelet

Wearable Art
Design Your Own Valentine Friendship Bracelets Using Pipe-cleaners

Using one simple element, you can design an original and fun way to show your friends how much you care!

What You Will Need:

  •  Colorful Pipe-Cleaners
  • Fun Charms or charm-letters, or perhaps beads,
    to add zing to your jewelry!

With Charm-letters, you can use the first letter of your friends’ names, or even entwine their full first name into your design!


  1. Begin by twisting 2-3 pipe cleaners together at the tips of one end.
  2. Gently twist or braid until you reach the center.
  3. Add a charm by threading it onto one pipe cleaner.
  4. Continue twisting or braiding until you reach the end and knot again.
  5. Once you’ve tightly twisted both ends to maintain the design, carefully twist both open ends of the bracelet together to form a circle large enough to slip over your friend’s wrist.

Valentine Passion Pets
Make Your Own Rock Critters!

Amuse your friends, and pass along a personal message for Valentine’s Day.

What You Will Need:

  • Small smooth stones (Gather from your yard or from a local craft store.)
  • Small, plastic, ‘google’ eyes
  • Craft glue, or glue-gun (requires adult assistance)
  • (Optional) Stiff craft-paper or cardboard,
  • Scissors
  • Markers or paint
  • (Optional) Small decorative pouches or bags to place your pet-rocks in for delivery. *NOTE: You may create your own, hand-‘sewn’ pouch as described in the instructions for “Plentiful Pouch”.


  1. Using glue or glue gun, add a set of eyes to your rock.
  2. Decorate the rock with markers or paint.
  3. (Optional) Draw feet or setting for your pet on a piece of stiff paper. Glue the rock to paper, cut out, and decorate!
For more great Valentine’s craft ideas, take a look at Be Mine… Valentines to Prepare and Share!

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