New Educational Badges

Where fun and learning go hand in hand.

Parents and kids might notice a new symbol in many areas of Webkinz World. Introducing the Webkinz ‘Educational Badge’. When you see this badge on a mini-game or activity, you’ll know that activity was developed in line with North American curriculum standards.

At Webkinz we know FUN is the most important thing to kids. We also know parents are always on the lookout for games that will help their children learn and succeed. In creating Webkinz World, we recognized that having fun and learning can go hand in hand.

We have consulted with trained educators to create a world that is stimulating and challenging. Webkinz encourages players to use critical thinking skills while giving them the freedom to express themselves creatively as they build a home to care for their pets.

While educational content has always been a part of Webkinz World, we recently made it simpler for parents and educators to recognize which areas of the game provide educational content.

Educational Badges are easy to spot on our Things to Do menu and are proudly displayed on each activity.  We hope you find the new ‘Educational Badge’ helpful when guiding your child in online play.

We’ve worked hard to make Webkinz a fun virtual world for children, but we never lost sight of the fact that we have a responsibility to our young players. We strive to create an environment that is safe, engaging and ultimately beneficial to their development. We’re parents too, and we want to give every player the best possible start.


Here is a list of some of Webkinz’ games and activities and the skills they help to develop.

Arcade Games:

  1. Booger Gets an A: Addition, Memorization
  2. Color Storm: Directional Understanding, Left and Right
  3. Eager Beaver: Making words
  4. Get Eleven Solitaire: Addition and Subtraction, Numerical Order
  5. Home Before Dark: Visualization of moving 2-D shapes
  6. Skunk Sweeper: Strategy logic
  7. Lunch Letters: Keyboarding
  8. Ms. Cowoline’s Roll Call: Working Memory, Focus
  9. Operation Gumball: Deductive reasoning
  10. Pizza Palace: Time management
  11. Quizzy’s Word Challenge: Reading, Word Building, Spelling
  12. Scrambled: Time management
  13. Stack ‘Em Up Solitaire: Addition
  14. Tile Towers: Focus, Noticing different and same
  15. Triple Strike Solitaire: Addition, Numerical Order
  16. Where’s Wacky: Working Memory, Focus


Tournament Arena:

  1. Link’D: Strategy logic
  2. Checkers: Strategy logic
  3. Dogbeard’s Bathtub Battles: Strategy logic
  4. Goober’s Atomicolicious: Strategy logic
  5. Duck Crossing: Strategy logic
  6. Zingoz Switcherooz: Strategy logic
  7. Color Storm: Directional Understanding, Left and Right
  8. Eager Beaver: Making words
  9. Get Eleven Solitaire: Numerical Order, Addition, Subtraction
  10. Home Before Dark: Visualization of moving 2-D shapes
  11. Skunk Sweeper: Strategy logic
  12. Pizza Palace: Time management
  13. Quizzy’s Word Challenge: Reading, Word Building, Spelling
  14. Stack ‘Em Up Solitaire: Strategy logic
  15. Triple Strike Solitaire: Strategy logic
  16. Where’s Wacky: Working Memory, Focus


Employment Office:

  1. KinzPost Sorter: Numerical Order, Addition, Subtraction
  2. Kinzville Mover: Visualization of moving 2-D shapes
  3. Baby-Sitter: Time management
  4. Flooring Assistant: Visualization of moving 2-D shapes
  5. Gem Mining: Working Memory, Focus
  6. Grocery Clerk: Visualization of moving 2-D shapes
  7. Ms. Birdy’s Assistant: Keyboarding
  8. Piano Player: Working Memory, Focus
  9. Dr. Quack’s Assistant: Time management
  10. Fence Painting: Working Memory, Focus
  11. Hamburger Cook: Visualization of moving 2-D shapes
  12. Newz Delivery: Working Memory, Focus
  13. Shoe Store Clerk: Working Memory, Focus


Kinzville Academy:

  1. Creativity: Visualization of moving 2-D shapes
  2. Intelligence: Reading, Word Building, Spelling
  3. Style: Working Memory, Focus
  4. Grooming: Working Memory, Focus
  5. Cooking: Time management


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Mandy Webster
Mandy Webster is a writer at Ganz and the author of the middle grade Young Marian series, including A Viper in the Forest and Echoes in the Cavern. She’s also an artist and graphic designer whose work has been featured in InStyle, Redbook and Style at Home. A mother of three, Mandy has worked as an advertising copywriter as well as contributing to publications such as Playback, Strategy and Canada On Location.

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