The New Ganz Parent Club!

Welcome to the Ganz Parent Club!  You may already know that the Webkinz fun doesn’t have to end with your child.   Many moms and dads experience Webkinz with their kids and yes, even without.   It’s family entertainment that stimulates creativity and play from kids to their tech savvy grandparents.  But now we’re offering something extra on our site just for moms and dads that actually pay back their kids.  So kids, if you’re reading this, our Parent Club is fantastic news for you too.

With our Webkinz™ Reward Program parents can help earn KinzCash and eStore points for their kids just by playing our games, reading fresh and interesting parent-friendly content and sharing anything from comments to videos.   We’re making it easy to earn KinzCash for your kids.   How cool is that?

We know you’re busy but we also know that you’re engaged in your children’s online activities and want to participate, at least when it’s fun and simple.  Just by checking in with us each day or as much as you would like, you can quickly earn KinzCash, exclusive Webkinz room items, virtual pets and Deluxe Memberships for your child’s Webkinz World account.  More great features and prizes beyond Webkinz will be introduced in the near future as well.  We know that playing our games and cruising content can be a guilty pleasure, but now your time will earn your child rewards turning you into a hero.  So let’s get started…we’re going to have fun!

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355 Responses to The New Ganz Parent Club!

  1. wffer says:

    Grandparents, too?

  2. mar1ed2 says:

    looks interesting, will see how it goes

  3. Pheobe says:

    My kids are going to love this

  4. nanasfroggie says:

    It is going to keep a grandparents mind active!

  5. dee says:

    What a great way to keep parents informed

  6. lilblacklab♥ says:

    I am so glad they consider the parents as well as the children! :)

  7. MamaCookie65 says:

    Looks interesting

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