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Webkinz in the Classroom


Oregon teacher Kolyn Deitsch is engaging kids in her grade one classroom with Webkinz and getting great results. From discipline, to basic learning concepts, to motivation techniques, Webkinz World offers teachers endless possibilities to connect with students in a fun, engaging manner. Read more

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Copy the Shiba Inu


Your child can be a Webkinz artist with this printable activity Read more

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What Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day

What to get Mom for Mother's day

Here are some suggestions for Mother’s Day gifts that don’t involve little hand prints or homemade presents or cards. They involve Mom getting some time to relax, with or without her family along. Read more


Take a Tour of Webkinz Jr.


Take a video tour of Webkinz Jr. and meet a whole neighborhood of new friends with some of the best educational activities online! Read more

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Free Coloring Book from Webkinz Jr.


Designed specifically for preschoolers, Webkinz Junior provides age-tailored content including puzzles, math games and great creative play. Read more

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What is COPPA?


Webkinz and Amazing World are proudly COPPA compliant. Read more

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When Your Kids Are Ready For School

When is your child ready for school?

Sending your child off to school for the first time is a major milestone in both of your lives. And it’s perfectly normal if she isn’t the only one who’s feeling a little anxious. Read more


Top Road-Trip Audio Books for Families


Audiobooks.com is bringing us back to reality with the reminder that there’s only one weekend left of summer – yikes! With September fast approaching, many families will take to the road this long weekend to enjoy a final fling with the sunny weather. Read more


Outdoor Fun with Your Pre-teens

Get your pre-teen outside this month

Much as they love the time off school, kids still need to keep occupied. Read more


Oral Drops Could Spare Allergic Kids the Pain of Needles


Oral drops may replace needles for kids with allergies, according to new research. Read more

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