“To Do and TA-DA” Chore List for Kids

Making chores a fun part of your child’s day

by Elena BennettMake a chore chart with photos

“Dos and Don’ts,” “Then and Now,” – before and after photo essays are great fun and digital cameras make photography projects easier, faster, and less expensive too! Kids tend to focus (pun alert!) on school projects, but why not encourage your young shutter bugs to record their achievements at home? This project aims to help kids take pride in all they accomplish throughout their day, or over a longer period, if the wish.

The idea is to make a “To Do List” with your child, photograph what needs to be done, then photograph the finished product for the “TA-DA List” of completed jobs.

Write the To-Do list on large poster board, leaving space for the photos to be glued with a glue stick, next to the tasks before and after.  Older kids may want to include photos of their works in progress; descriptions of various stages of their tasks; how they went about them, etc.

Depending on kids’ ages, parents may need to help with the camera work, printing and cutting but for the most part kids will have fun accomplishing this on their own.

Here are some sample tasks and suggestions for pictures to get you started, but, shoot, why not improvise?

To -Do

  • Make bed (photo of unmade bed)
  • Pick up toys (photo of messy room)
  • Wash dishes (photo of dirty dishes)
  • Take out the garbage (photo of full garbage can)
  • Read my book/chapter (photo of a book cover or start of chapter)
  • Do math homework (photo of page of unsolved problems)
  • Feed the pet(photo of waiting animal, empty dish and bag/can of food.


  • Bed is ready for more dreaming! (photo of made bed)
  • Toys are ready for more playing! (photo of toys put away/neat room)
  • Dishes are ready for more eating! ((photo of dishes in washer/drying in drainer)
  • Garbage is ready for more tossing! (photo of emptied trash can with fresh bag)
  • I read this and (loved/hated/was indifferent to) it! (photo of “The End” page/end of chapter/back cover)
  • Math is ready for my teacher!(photo of finished equations, etc)
  • Pet’s name is ready for an after supper snooze/cuddle/game/walk! (photo of animal eating/full food and water dishes)

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Elena Bennett
Elena Bennett writes poems, stories, and songs for both children and adults. Raised in New York City and Cape Cod, she received her B.A. in psychology with a focus on Child Development from Connecticut College. She is also an award-winning singer. Her critically acclaimed big band album, A Wrinkle in Swingtime, is available on iTunes and at many stores online.

2 Responses to “To Do and TA-DA” Chore List for Kids

  1. miles says:

    This is a really neat idea that I plan to share with my many home schooling mom friends!

  2. LosAngelesGirl's mom says:

    Unfortunatley, this trick would not work with my kids :(