11 Books for Parents of Kids with Learning Disabilities

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Adults can read Young Adult books tooJill Lauren, a learning specialist and the author of Succeeding with LD, suggests these 11 great reads for parents of a child struggling with a learning disability. Dyslexia, ADD and other learning disabilities are covered in this list of books which offer useful tips and tools on navigating the education system and helping children succeed.


Some of the titles on Lauren’s list:

  • Overcoming Dyslexia: A New and Complete Science-Based Program for Reading Problems at Any Level by Sally Shaywitz M.D.
  • Socially ADDept: A Manual for Parents of Children with ADHD and/or Learning Disabilities by Janet Z. Giler
  • A Parent’s Guide to Special Education: Insider Advice on How to Navigate the System and Help Your Child Succeed by Alan W. Brue, Linda Wilmshurst
  • Learning about Learning Disabilities, Second Edition edited by Bernice Y.L. Wong


As well, Lauren’s compilation includes fascinating reads like How Language Works, a study of the origins of communication and the impact of language-based learning disabilities, as well as Games for Reading, which takes a fun approach to help kids who may be struggling. These books would also be useful to educators and caregivers or anyone who is looking for a greater understanding of some of the disabilities facing many kids today.


By Jill Lauren.

Check out Lauren’s full list of books at Flashlight Worthy.



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