5 Great Date Night Ideas for Parents

When Mom and Dad are Happy, Everyone’s Happy.

Need a break? Date Ideas for you and your spouse.You’ve been chasing the kids all day and are bone tired. There’s laundry to do and pills to pay. Or maybe you’ve had another stressful week at the office, your boss is on your back and the kids are getting sick. And you haven’t connected with your husband in weeks. What you could use is a Date Night. Yes, all of those couples’ therapists will kick you off the couch and tell you that you must reconnect with your spouse, even if you’re exhausted and stressed – in fact, especially if you’re exhausted and stressed. Recharging the relationship regularly is critical to both a healthy marriage and a sane mom.

So if you need to spice it up a bit, but have no energy to think of what to do for Date Night, we’re here to help. Here are 5 ideas from sexy to easy that can make Date Night special.

#1 Snag a Sitter

You can’t get away even for a few hours without childcare. So this is often the excuse for not getting out. Have no fear, if the neighbor or teenage high school kid down the street can’t sit, you can find a sitter safely and easily online these days. Check out www.care.com for local babysitters in your area. You can also check out your local YMCA or local colleges.

#2 Get Social

When was the last time you went salsa dancing or took a cooking class or learned the difference between a Pinot Noir and a Syrah? From www.groupon.com to www.livingsocial.com, there are a multitude of sites that offer tremendous discounts on activities from couples massage and hot yoga to dinner. Plan a Date Night around one.

#3 -Dinner and a Movie

Sometimes nothing just beats keeping it simple with a dinner and a movie. But take it up a notch by giving it a little theme. If you’re seeing a foreign film that take place in France – then splurge on a French dinner. Is it a George Clooney flick? Well we know he adores his villa on Lake Como in Italy, so go Italian. Are you hanging at home and watching “Wedding Crashers” again? Go get some baba ganoosh and pita in honor of Vince Vaughn’s character, Jeremy. Baba ganoosh is the nickname Owen Wilson’s character, John, gives Jeremy throughout the now cult classic film.

#4 Grab a Bowl

So the shoes may not be sexy, but getting a strike certainly is. Date night at the bowling alley is an inexpensive way to get a little exercise and have a lot of fun. The beer and greasy wings may help get you into the mood for later. Keep it competitive; don’t let him win.

#5 Night at the Museum

When your cultural world revolves around “Star Wars” or “Dora the Explorer,” clearly you need to get out again. Check out your local museums for new exhibits or a lecture series. It’s not just good for your brain, but it will also give you something to chat to your spouse about other than your adorable kids.

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Susie Mac is a children’s media enthusiast and blogger based in Toronto, Canada. She has more than seven years experience in the communications field including television, filmmaking and web production, among others. Susie earned her Master’s of Arts in Communication and Culture from York University.

3 Responses to 5 Great Date Night Ideas for Parents

  1. WiteFlamingo says:

    My husband and I like to:

    1. Take a Yoga class. It is restorative as well as relaxing and the poses can be practiced at home as well.
    2. Get a massage. Is there anything more relaxing?
    3. Eat at a restaurant with outside patio dining and then go out for frozen yogurt.
    4. Get a pedicure. Sounds like a girl thing but guys love them too!
    5. Go for a walk on the beach. If you don’t live near the ocean, a pond or lake works just as well.
    6. Go on a picnic. So many beautiful picnic spots can be found everywhere.

    Sometimes we combine some of the above. For example, Yoga and a massage. Or, the restaurant, and then yogurt at the beach.

    Any other ideas Ganz Fanz?

  2. oleeanders says:

    Great Ideas!

  3. LosAngelesGirl's mom says:

    My relaxing evening is when the kids are asleep i ask the neighbor to keep an eye on them and the house. And me and my husband take eat a romantic dinner at the Olive Garden. Then take a quick walk on the beach. And that is my version of a date night. :)

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