A New App Could Cut Wait for Autism Diagnosis

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Author Jenn Savedge writes on mother nature network about a new app being developed to help doctors diagnose autism. The app is designed help to circumvent the long waiting periods and months of testing that many parents experience before their child is diagnosed and treatment can begin.


The Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center, a Phoenix-based autism research nonprofit, is in the process of developing a smartphone application that doctors could use to diagnose autism based on videos of a child’s behavior that have been uploaded onto a website. The aim of the app, called the Naturalistic Observation Diagnostic Assessment, would be to reduce the amount of time is takes to diagnose children suspected of having autism so that they can begin treatment sooner. This would be particularly helpful in rural communities where autism specialists are few and far between.


Although the app is not yet available to parents, a $2.2 million grant from the National Institutes of Health towards the development of the app means that it could be available in 2014. The Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center hopes to begin testing this summer.


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  1. blindfold says:

    This sounds terrific, I hope it can be developed and used on all kids with autism signs or suspected signs(the younger the diagnosis the sooner the work begins). I’m really excited about this. Thanks to all those working to bring this about!

  2. Catchfire says:

    This is really, really great. I take care of my cousin’s kid a lot and he has two older brothers with Aspberger’s. So it’s possible that he has it too. We are hoping that he doesn’t and since he act’s completely totally different than his older brothers did at this age there’s a chance he doesn’t have it. I’m also extremely glad that webkinz put this up here because if they hadn’t I probably wouldn’t have seen it ever. I hope that they make this app for use on an android as well as a smartphone. I wonder what they will charge for this if they charge anything at all. Hopefully the app will be free. Anyway thanks ganz for posting this article and all the others on Ganz Parent Club. Especially the articles and stuff with prizes. I may not be a parent but I still love this site because of the kids that are in my life. Especially since I’m now taking care of and living in the same home as a 3 year old.

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