Do Small Dishes, Eating More Often Mean Less Weight Gain?

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A Reuters article in the Toronto Star highlights a recent study that seems to show a correlation between the size of dishes, the frequency of meals and less tendency to gain weight in children. The study finds that children take and eat smaller portions when they are given a smaller plate to eat off of and select their own portions. Children eating from larger plates took an average of 90 more calories per serving according to researchers from Temple University in Philadelphia.


When they used adult dishware, the kids took an average of 90 more calories of food, the researchers found. And kids who ended up with more food on their plates also tended to eat more, Fisher’s team wrote Monday in Pediatrics.


“It doesn’t appear that simply because you might have large dishware at home, your child is going to overeat,” said Fisher — because it depends on who’s doing the serving and how much is served.


But, she added, “If more food appears on the plate, they’re going to eat more.”


A separate study from Greece seems to suggest that eating more often during the day also helps to curb weight gain in youngsters. Although the findings are preliminary, researchers compiling results from 11 previous studies comparing eating habits of almost 19,000 children and teens hypothesized that children who ate smaller meals, more frequently throughout the day were also less likely to gain weight.


The study from Greece may not provide a full picture though, as it is based on previous studies, the parameters of which are not always clear.


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  1. Rockerz says:

    I know for a fact, that if you eat more portions per day, at least five to six and make it small to medium portions, then you will definitely lose weight because it gets your metabolism going. I know it does with me. I can usually eat anything that many times a day a lose weight, but at the same time, my daughter has to stick to chicken or fish and a green vegetable and other items 5 to 6 times a day and she has lost weight whenever she has stuck to it. At times she can’t get a meal or two in because of College and then working all the time. It truly works, but don’t think eating greasy, junk food is going to work, cuz it won’t. You have to eat good food and it can even be mashed potatoes with a meat and vegetable, etc. As your in between meal, you can always have a snack that you really enjoy! Because I got injured and was taking medication, I actually gained a lot of weight and went up to 219 lbs and I’m normally 140 to 145 at 5’10″, so it was a big difference for me. I did weight watchers and I kept gaining weight each week I went back and the lady told me that I should just quit since I was on the medicine, I probably wouldn’t be able to lose the weight. Well, I finally got off the meds, then started eating 5 or 6 meals a day and I dropped 70 lbs in 2 months and went back down to 149 lbs, which I was very proud of! Walking before you eat helps a lot too. If you walk first, then eat your meal, your system can digest it better and your metabolism is working better. Good Luck on whomever is trying!

  2. sophi400 says:

    I think that it depends on the person’s metabolism too. I think that the majority of people will find that eating smaller meals more often, that are healthy, with mild exercise like walking, they will stop weight gain and may even loss weight. For me, I have some medical problems that prevents me from GAINING weight. I was still underweight when I was pregnant. Now most women probably would love to have that problem, but I can tell you that it is not that great. I have to eat many small meals a day. I have to eat whenever I’m hungry and even if I’m not. So what I’m saying is… is that eating small meals several times a day doesn’t guarantee weight loss. Although, it can’t hurt to try and good luck to everyone trying too.

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