Dress-Up Your Door for Summer

A pretty way to welcome the summer season!

A fun way to dress up your door this summerThis patriotic summer door decoration will not only kick off the season on Memorial Day, but it will last the whole summer long!

The colors are wonderful for summer and by adding the blue starred pinwheels you can make the arrangement patriotic.  Simply stick them in around holiday time and remove them during the regular weeks of summer.  I’m sure small flags would look great in here too if you want to change things up!

Craft Supplies:

  • Hanging door basket
  • Floral foam for inside
  • Hot glue gun
  • Moss
  • Greening pins
  • Sprigs of greenery
  • Large flowers of your choice
  • Small flowers of your choice
  • Holiday items like pin wheels or flags
  • Wire cutters

How to Make It:

  1. Cut your floral foam to fit inside the basket.  I used a half round, but I’m almost thinking now that brick shapes would have been better.  They may have touched the sides of the basket better for hot gluing them in.
  2. Do your best to hot glue the foam into the basket.  I used some of the pieces I cut off to help wedge the half circle in.  In the end it worked out OK, but next time I’d start with blocks of foam.
  3. Once the foam is in place add the moss to cover it, using the greening pins.
  4. Then insert the background greenery.  To get the large stem in, I used my old scissors or an old pen would work, to make a hole first.
  5. Use some hot glue in the hole you made and insert the stem.  Spend a bit of time dressing the greens before adding the next flowers.
  6. The large flowers come next.  I have five because an odd number looks more interesting than an even number.
  7. I had to cut the long stems so they would fit in the amount of foam I had in the basket.  Use your wire cutters and they snip off like cutting through butter!
  8. Next add the smaller flowers.  Notice the extra rose leaves in the photos.  I’m saving them to see if they will need to be added at the end to fill up the arrangement.  If not, I’ll bag them and save them for another project.
  9. The smaller flowers I chose had long stems so I cut the stems in half and doubled the amount of small flowers I could add!
  10. Again, arrange the smaller stems evenly and you may even want to bend them slightly near the rim of the basket to make it look more realistic.
  11. The last step is simple; decide when you want to add the patriotic holiday décor!  Otherwise, simply hang the door basket on your front door, sit back, and enjoy the compliments!

For more patriotic decorating ideas visit Matt & Shari!

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7 Responses to Dress-Up Your Door for Summer

  1. dune456 says:

    I really like this.Ur so good at explaining everything to.Yours turned out so beautiful and real looking. Thank You for all the craft idea’s you give us..

  2. sophi400 says:

    I think that your arrangement is beautiful. I wish that I had the ambition to do things like this. You are very talented, and explain the directions well for others too!

  3. 48Becky says:

    WOW! I really like this for a door. It looks so fresh and like summer. I may try this one out for myself.

  4. greenladymusician says:

    very nice touch up to a front door.i might try it!

  5. buttercup says:

    Wow! Nice, I will do that!

  6. MiniPines101 says:

    Cool! I ❤ it!

  7. autumn_the_cuzzy says:

    So beautiful! I’m definitely trying this.