Fun with Water

Make a splash this summer!

Water Activities for SummerWater, water everywhere so let’s all have some fun!  Looking for fun ways to beat the heat and entertain your kids during the long summer days?  Look no further than your backyard hose.  Cool, wet, and splashy-splashy – water is the perfect “toy” on a hot, hot day!

So what fun things can you do with water?  Well, you can:

Run Through It

This is classic summer fun.  Get your kids in their bathing suits, turn on the sprinkler, and watch them shriek with glee!  There are plenty of special toy sprinkler attachments that you can buy (e.g. sea creatures that spout water), but the sprinkler that you use to water your lawn will work just fine too!

Wash Stuff in It

Fill a large basin with soapy water and bring out some sponges and wash cloths.  It may not seem like fun to you, but kids love imitating adults and they’ll enjoy washing plastic dishes, doll’s clothes, or any toys that are allowed to get wet!

Paint with It

Set your kids up with buckets of water and an array of differently sized paint brushes.  They can “paint” the fence, the deck, or any large outdoor toys that you have.

Freeze It

Fill several ice cube trays with water.  Add a drop of food coloring to each section in the tray.  Use a few different colors.  When the ice cubes have frozen, pop them out of the trays and bring them outside.  Your kids will love cooling off by building with their frozen blocks and they’ll also love watching their creations melt in the hot sun!

Play “Sink or Float” in It

Fill a basin with water and collect a bunch of everyday items.  Choose some items that will sink (coins, silverware, keys, etc.) and some items that will float (corks, plastic lids, foam shapes, etc.).  Group all the items together and let your child discover which ones sink and which ones float.

Catch Fish in It

If your kids have outgrown their baby pool, don’t give it away just yet!  A baby pool also makes a great pond.  You can buy an inexpensive toy fishing set, or make your own.  Just cut fish shapes out of foam and stick a metal paperclip through each one.  Then, tie a U-shaped magnet to one end of a piece of string and tie a pencil to the other to make an instant fishing rod.

Make Mud with It

The mess might make you cringe, but most kids love getting dirty.  Add some dirt or sand to a basin of water and let your kids go crazy.  Provide shovels, scoops, and plastic containers for making mud pies.  And when the kids are done, use that backyard hose to clean them off!

About The Author

Tara Lo
Tara Lo is an Early Childhood Educator who has worked with children aged 6 months to 12 years in a variety of settings. From day camps to daycare centers, homeless shelters to hotel resorts, and kindergarten classrooms to community centers. Tara is a former writer for Webkinz Jr., where she used her knowledge of child development and all things preschool to help create lovable characters, catchy songs, silly stories, and fun activities. Tara is now a work-at-home mom who splits her days between writing, running a home daycare, and being constantly amazed by her wonderful son.

3 Responses to Fun with Water

  1. Kristen says:

    very fun! Will try with my toddlers

  2. flower says:

    Thanks the kids loved making mudpies and than getting wet after thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. hedgymama says:

    I like filling LARGE balloons with small water safe toys…then filling them with water and freezing them. (2 or 3 toys are sufficient and the larger the balloon, the larger the ice ball. Larger the ice ball, longer the fun.) I remind the kids that they can’t throw it or an other trick that could hurt each other to break it open…they have to MELT it. I also give these to them to play with outside…Sometimes I make it a game, “who will get all of their toys free first?” but everyone gets prizes, so that’s not really a requirement. Some suggested toys: Rubber balls, toy soldiers, webkinz figures…really anything SOLID enough that freezing it or it hitting the ground won’t break it…play necklaces, for example, can easily break in these ice balls when a little girl gets over excited, trying to break it free.IT has become a favorite summer game :D